Two Weeks to Graduation!

April 2017

Hello again! Things have been very busy recently, and with every passing sunny and 70 degree day, it seems that regardless of whether my to-do list is completed or not, May 6thwill be here before I know it. On the academic side of things, the Equine Medicine rotation is what has been occupying my time. As we were right in the middle of foaling season, sick foals, sick foals, and more sick foals were the center of my universe for 14 days ( and maybe a colic case or twelve, but who was counting?).

Most notably, throughout our two weeks, we did have an interesting illness slowly developing and spreading throughout the 4th year student population. The clinical signs included the following: Pressing the snooze button too many times, lethargy, daydreaming, procrastination, frequent coffee breaks, absentmindedness, and longingly looking out the hospital windows. Yes folks, the clinicians in charge have seen it before, and were not surprised to have a full blown confirmed case of “Senioritis” on their hands.

Regardless of our restlessness, and anticipation of our veterinary school careers to be over, we still managed to buckle down and keep patient care as our top priority. With only a single, two-week rotation remaining, however, I personally can attest that I’m very ready to be done with school, but also very anxious to move to a new state and start working. As always, a new challenge awaits!

For all of my classmates: Congratulations on almost being done, and for the accomplishment of the goal that we set out to complete 4 short years ago. Go do great things Class of 2017!

As for the third year students: Good luck with finals, and the start of your clinical year. It will go by fast!

For current first- and second-year students, as well as prospective new students: Take a break from school, enjoy your summer, and learn as much as possible.

Until next time!

Dan Breuer