We do have hobbies, too!

April 2019

The end of April has been a wonderful time!  I have only 7 days left from the time of writing this post until I finish all of my classes!!  I have 10 years into this education post-high school, so it is a completely foreign life I am preparing to launch into in a few short days. 

Now, I absolutely love veterinary medicine, but in this last month or so I have absolutely loved diving into all of the things non-vetmed.  I have been able to learn so many new things!  

Having recently welcomed numerous houseplants into my family, I am happy to share that they are not only surviving but thriving!  I joined a houseplant keeping group on Facebook, which has been an awesome community of advice and inspiration. I have miniature roses growing together in a pot, four orchids blooming spectacularly in water culture, and a diva of a polka dot plant that has grown so enthusiastically I traded some of her cuttings for a pair of gorgeous pothos.  They each bring so much joy and beauty to my life. 

Since I was a small child, art has been a part of my soul.  I would draw for hours upon hours a week, read art books, and watch art programs.  As I got older, I learned to apply my art skills to some light restoration work. Living in a university town is the best -so many moving students dumping furniture left and right!  I have been enjoying cleaning and lightly re-finishing pieces, some I found in the trash, and then selling them.  A few pieces I have kept for myself, and I cannot wait to get home and refinish them, too!  Realizing I really enjoyed the work, I joined a group of furniture refinishers and watched many YouTube videos.  I have been learning tons about stains, paints, hardware, and finding oodles of inspiration.

I am not in the least a spontaneous person, so when my friend and fellow veterinary student asked me to join her on a trip up the coast to Alaska (I have ALWAYS wanted to see Alaska), my immediate response was 'ohhhh goodness I can't!'   Yet, out of my mouth came, "ohhhh wow!  I would love to go!"  Determined to become more spontaneous, take advantage of life's excitement, and definitely try traveling more, I jumped at the chance and began looking into the cheapest way to make it happen.  We are going together right before starting the next phase of our lives and that just happens to be right as the whales start heading to Alaska!

Veterinary medicine is amazing, but there is a whole big world out there I absolutely love exploring!

Sarahbeth (: