We offer on-site breeding management as well as cool, shipped semen for all mare owners wishing to breed to one of our stallions.

Semen Analysis Workstation

Semen Analysis Workstation
All our stalls have automatic waterers, a window and open fronts for full visualization of each mare and foal during the hourly walk-by monitoring provided 7 days a week.
Breeding mount
We utilize a modern, comfortable EBS breeding mount (phantom) for all our collections.

Our Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) program allows a thorough analysis of each ejaculate from each stallion.  The detailed print out of this information accompanies each semen shipment leaving our facility. This provides the DVM or breeding manager receiving the semen with important details, such as total number progressively motile sperm (PMS) per dose, motility of the semen and how many doses are included in each individual shipment.

On-site Breeding Management

If you choose to bring your mare to our facility for breeding management our reproductive doctors will perform daily ultrasound exams and, if necessary, treatments to optimize conception rates.  We monitor for appropriate insemination time, fluid in the uterus pre- and/or post-breeding and document when the mare ovulates. 

Since we are a state-of-the-art facility we have an individual on-site for monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can rest assured that your mare and foal will be in good hands during their stay at our facility.

For all on-site breeding management the mare owner will be charged the On-site Breeding Management/Cycle Package fee* as outlined below.

*On-site Breeding Management/Cycle Fees:  $450/cycle

On-site Breeding Management/Cycle Package includes the following:

  • daily ultrasound examinations
  • collection and preparation of semen
  • artificial insemination

Board will be charged at a rate of $25/day for dry mares and $28/day for wet mares and is NOT included in this package price of $450/cycle.

The 15-day ultrasound examination for pregnancy is NOT included in the $450 breeding package.