Veterinary Law & Ethics

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About the Course

The online Veterinary Law & Ethics course provides an in-depth study of legal and ethical matters applicable to the veterinary profession. Using real-world examples, it is designed for veterinarians, practice managers/owners and veterinary students.

The course is delivered in seven sections, available as an 18-hour course or in multi-section modules.  


Course Instructor

Dr. Lance Roasa, DVM, JD (Current)

Dr. James Wilson, DVM, JD (Previous)

Course Sections

  1. Moral, Ethical and Legal Decision-Making
  2. Understanding State Board Licensing Issues and Disciplinary Procedures
  3. Ethical Relations Between Colleagues
  4. Animal Law
  5. The Legal Use of Drugs
  6. Professional Negligence
  7. Medical Records Short Course
  8. Introduction to Contract Law (Bonus section)

Course Features

  • Available online to accommodate the busiest of schedules.
  • Section format that can be tailored to fit individual needs.
  • RACE-approved - 18 hours.


Enrollment Fees

  • Full Course: $850/individual
    • Law and Ethics and Legal Consents books included with full course purchase
  • Group Discounts for Multiple Parties
  • Three-Section Course (Design your own):
    • Select Any Three Sections: $450
    • Additional Three Section Courses: $300

To Enroll:

If you would like a custom course (individual modules from the Veterinary Law and Ethics courses), then please contact Dr. Aaron Massecar ( with the type of course you would like to take and the specific modules that you would like included. That course will be created for you and a link to the course will be sent as soon as it is available.

If you would like to take the full Veterinary Law and Ethics courses, then please follow these instructions:

Go to this link:

Enter the following code: R47NR-835NC

Course Payment Instructions

Your request for course entry will be sent to the admin team and you should have a response within one business day. Once you have been granted access to the course, you will be sent a link to pay for the course. Currently that is being run through PayPal. You can create an account or simply pay using a credit card. You will receive a notification that the payment is processing until we have had the chance to review the payment and product you are purchasing.