Adulting in Veterinary School: ALL the fluffy, scaly, and adorable family members!

March 2019

This is the first two days in a row I have had off in weeks, and it is amazing!  I have gotten so much done this weekend; I think I am remembering how to be a regular functional member of society again!  I even saw the sun today!!  Periodically, as I food-prepped and cleaned, I found my mind wandering to that dangerous topic: pets. 


February 2019

I spent the last four weeks on the Emergency Service clinical rotation.  The first two weeks were nightshift (8PM-8AM) followed by two weeks of dayshift (8AM-8PM).   I was terrified for this required rotation -the idea of pulling all-nighters through 12 hour shifts, caring for patients when I had yet to barely grasp even basic medicine (impostor syndrome, much!), and how to know what to do when that critical case would come to the front door… did I mention I was terrified?

Porcine circovirus type 3 – PCV3
PCR - Quantitative
Standard Fee: 
Best Practice Fee: 
Days Tested: 
same day
lung, lung swab, serum, blood swab, processing fluid, oral fluid

Close to the finish line

March 2019

With just a few months left of veterinary school and all of my required rotations completed, I am on the downward slide to graduation. I have one two-week rotation remaining at ISU CVM and six weeks of swine preceptorships throughout the Midwest. The amount of knowledge I have gained in these past four years and the number of cases I have been exposed to has been unimaginable.


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