Featured Graduate Students

Graduate students at the College of Veterinary Medicine have a wide range of interests and involvement during their time here.  This page intends to feature our talented and versatile graduate students, both past and present, for current and perspective graduate student's reference.

Jeba Jesudoss Chelladurai - Successful Training

Md Nafiz Hamid - Using Deep Learning to Combat Antibiotic Resistance

Dilshan S. Harischandra - Researchers explore link between metal exposure and Parkinson’s symptoms

Nic Wheeler - Newly sequenced genomes of parasitic worms could speed development of new treatments, according to Iowa State University biomedical research

Belen Hernandez - Taking a Year Off

Alejandro Larios Mora - Help Along the Way

Clair Henthorn - Ups and Downs

Dr. Frederick Douglass Patterson - A Giant in Higher Ed

Zach Sauer - His Honor

Carly Kanipe - TB or not TB

Vivek Lawana - Working on More Than Research

Paul Plummer - Juggling Research, Career, & Family

Matt Brewer - Investigating Creepy, Crawly Things

Nick Van Engen - Double the Fun

Tyler Bunting - Bridging the Gap

Adhithiya Charli - Born to be Wild

Talbot Fellowship - Investing in the Future

Melanie Abongwa - Plant Extracts to Treat Devastating River Blindness in Cameroon