Heat Stress in Beef

Articles and Apps

Summer time can be hard on cattle, especially those with dark hides, when there is little air movement and high humidity levels. Heat stress occurs when the animal’s attempt to dissipate heat is unsuccessful or overwhelmed, and the animal’s performance or health suffers as a result.

Dr. Grant Dewell, VDPAM/ISU Extension Beef Veterinarian, has compiled the following resources to assist with management and warning signs for heat stress in cattle:



Mobile Applications

The following “Heat Stress” apps may provide useful for you and your producers: 

Heat Stress, Tami Brown-Brandi, US-MARC
(Android, Apple)

ThermalAid a Tool to Detect Heat Stress, University of Missouri 
(Android, Apple)

Program Heat Stress (Management in Dairy Cows), Phileo Lesaffre
(Android, Apple)