Match Made in Sacramento

While veterinary medicine is Jose De La Espriella’s first love, technology isn’t far behind.

“Technology has always been a strong second interest,” he said.

And while in vet school at Iowa State University, De La Espriella took the “Introduction to Radiology” course.

“I really got into it,” he said. “I really enjoyed it.”

It seems taking a radiology image and applying it to the animal being treated was really fascinating for the fourth-year veterinary medicine student from Connecticut.

“The mental gymnastics of putting everything together, well I really enjoyed that process,” De La Espriella said.

From that point on, he knew that his end goal was to become a veterinary radiologist. But it takes more than just a four-year DVM to accomplish the goal and with his recent acceptance into an internship program, De La Espriella has moved one step closer to achieving that.

De La Espriella was selected to the Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Program. Students interested in doing a one-year internship after graduation submit an application and rank up to ten internship opportunities they are interested in.

Not only was De La Espriella selected for the program, but he was also matched with his top choice – the VCA Sacramento Veterinary Referral Center in California. Beginning in June, he will rotate between different specialties including radiology, with the hope to be selected for a three-year radiology residency after he completes the internship.

“This is a highly sought-after residency,” De La Espriella said, “and since most residencies either require or seek applicants who have completed an internship, I felt I had to pursue this.”

He became aware of the Sacramento veterinary clinic during an externship he completed in California during his fourth year at Iowa State. While there, he toured the facility and liked what he saw.

“It’s well-staffed with full-time radiologists on staff and they have state-of-the-art equipment,” he said. “I believe I will be able to work closely with them and hopefully get good experience which will enhance my residency application.”

March 2018