Personal Pledges



I pledge to know my own strengths and to act with intention. I hope to inspire others by speaking my truth and listen, with an open mind and ear, to those who have the courage to share their own. Above all, I promise to practice healthy boundary setting, because I know that I cannot be emotionally conscious if I am not kind to myself first.


Marta Andelson

I pledge to use my abilities to effect change at a grassroots level in the perceptions of and responses to the mental health challenges faced within the vet med community. I will do so as long as I myself am emulating healthy practices in all aspects of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Alicen Tracey

I pledge to be a mental health advocate for myself, and to work towards establishing positive lifestyle habits to carry with me into my career. I pledge to also be a mental health advocate to my friends and peers by being understanding, sensitive and empathetic to their unique situation as best I can.



I pledge to make health and wellness a priority in life even when it's tempting to put those aside for veterinary school. I strive to support my peers by being open to listening and conversation and will encourage wellness whenever possible.


Ali Cain

I pledge to stay positive during the difficult times, remain strong during the weak times, accept that vulnerability and shame are okay to feel, and to remain curious in my education and professional pursuits.


Amanda Teel

I pledge to always share my story and be an advocate and support system for individuals who may be struggling. By being open about my mental health journey, I hope to inspire others to find courage to seek the resources they need to succeed and stay healthy. To myself, I pledge to remain strong during difficult times, strive to find new ways of managing my anxiety, and never give up fighting


Holly Salzbrenner

I pledge to strive for balance between my personal life and veterinary career. Although, it is hard to draw a line between the two at times, I believe I need to be at peace with myself before I can be a successful veterinarian and support others. I also pledge to encourage the profession to be mindful of the culture we create. A culture of collaboration, honesty, and self-awareness will foster a positive change.


Neil Vezeau

I pledge to support others in their efforts to improve and maintain their overall well-being, as I work to improve my own.


Amanda Trompeta

I pledge to start building the habits now, during veterinary school, that I know I will carry with me and will be vital in living a healthy, happy, and well-balanced life. I hope to inspire others to do the same. It's not easy and it's a daily investment but I want to make it as important as studying for a veterinary school exam, because one day it will mean everything.


Mattie Hogg

I pledge to be an advocate and supporter of mental health and wellness for myself so that I can be an advocate and supporter for others. I believe in transparency to help promote the benefits of reaching out for support. I strive to bring to light the many challenges faced by veterinary professionals such that we can overcome them as a collective whole and never feel alone.