14 Days in Ophthalmology - Day 14

Ophthalmology Exam

The five fourth-year students will leave ophthalmology behind them as they move onto another two-week rotation beginning Monday morning.

Kaiti Grief and Wendy Thill will both head to the soft tissue/orthopedic surgery rotation. Jordan Moline will move just down the hall from the ophthalmology exam rooms to oncology, while Courtney Haley will work in anesthesiology.

Equine Surgery Service Seeking Horses for Study

The Equine Surgery Service in Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking horses with sarcoid or squamous cell carcinomas for a clinical study. Horses with tumors of 5 cm diameter or less will be enrolled and treated with Immunocidin® Equine.

The Iowa State study is focused on standardizing treatment protocols and assessing the product’s efficacy and safety in the treatment of both sarcoids and squamous cell carcinoma.


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