Joonbae Seo

M.Sc., Ph.D.
Postdoc Research Associate
2069 Vet Med
Education & Certifications  

Ph.D. in Genetics and Genomics, 2009-2015, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Iowa State University (Advisor: Dr. Ravindra N. Singh)

Dissertation: Characterization of splice variants of human Survival Motor Neuron genes

M.S. in Plant Biology, 2005-2008, Department of Genetics, Development and Cell Biology, Iowa State University (Advisor: Dr. Philip W. Becraft)

Thesis: Molecular Genetic Studies of bZIP Transcription Factor, TRAB1, and MYB Transcription Factor, ME97, on the Viviparous1 promoter in Zea mays

B.E. in Polymer Science Engineering, 1997-2004, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, South Korea


Honors & Awards  

2015, Research Excellence Award (Top 10%), Iowa State University

2014, Outstanding Research Award (One of three recipients), Association of Korean Neuroscientists during Society for Neuroscience conference, Washington DC

2014, Travel Professional Advancement Grant, Iowa State University  

2014, Sui Tong Chan Fung Travel Award, Interdepartmental Genetics and Genomics Program, Iowa State University

2002, Work-Study Award, Kyungpook National University, South Korea

2001–2002 Scholarship for the Excellent Academic Achievements, Kyungpook National University, South Korea 



2014-2015, Biomedical Sciences Department Herald Committee

2008–2009, Graduate Student Senate-Senator of Student officers of Plant Biology, Iowa State University

2003 Volunteer Summer Universiade (152 hours), Daegu, South Korea

2003 Global Challenger Program (Music Therapy in US), Kyungpook National University, South Korea

2002 Volunteer (Restoration of food, 9 hours), Gimcheon, South Korea

2002 Volunteer Abroad Program (176 hours), Dalian, China

1998–2000, Military Service, South Korea


2013–2014, Society of Neuroscience

2013–Present, Association of Korean Neuroscientists

2009, The RNA society

Selected Publications  

Peer Reviewed Publications

·      Keil JM, Seo J, Howell MD, Hsu WH, Singh RN, Didonato CJ (2014) A short antisense oligonucleotide ameliorates symptoms of severe mouse models of spinal muscular atrohpy. Molecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids, 3, e174.


·      Seo J*, Howell MD*, Singh NN, Singh RN (2013) Spinal muscular atrophy: An update on therapeutic progress. Biochim Biophys Acta 1832:2180-2190 (*these authors contributed equally to this work).


·      Singh NN*, Seo J*, Rahn SJ, Singh RN (2012) A multi-exon-skipping detection assay revelas surprising diversity of splice isoforms of spinal muscular atrophy genes. Plos One 7(11): e49595 (*these authors contributed equally to this work).


·      Singh NN, Seo J, Ottesen EW, Shishimorova M, Bhattacharya D, Singh RN (2011) TIA1

prevents skipping of a critical exon associated with spinal muscular atrophy. Molecular and Cellular Biology 31: 935-954.


Book Chapters

·      Seo J, Ottesen EW, Singh RN (2014) Antisense Methods to Modulate Pre-mRNA Splicing. Methods Mol Biol 1126:271-283.


·      Singh NN, Seo J, Singh RN (2012) Identification of splicing cis-elements through an ultra-refined antisense microwalk. Alternative pre-mRNA Splicing: Theory and Protocols, Wiley-VCH, Chapter 19, 201-217.