Jennifer Schleining

DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS-LA
Scott and Nancy Armbrust Professorship in Veterinary Medicine
Associate Professor
2418 Lloyd
Education & Certifications  

Masters of Science in Veterinary Clinical Science, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 2009
ACVS Residency in Equine Surgery, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 2008
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 2001
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, South Dakota State University, Brookings, South Dakota 1999


VDPAM 340 – Clinical Foundations
VDPAM 410 – Llama Medicine
VDPAM 445 – Ruminant and Swine Clinical Medicine
VDPAM  476 – Food Animal Field Service
VDPAM 477 – Food Animal Medicine and Surgery
VDPAM 495 – Small Ruminant Production Medicine
VCS 314 – Veterinarian in Society IV - Communications
VCS 393 – Principles of Surgery
VCS 440 – Introduction to Clinics

Research Focus & Interests  

Limb biomechanics of large animal species in health and disease specifically related to osteoarthritis, laminitis, and in equids, navicular syndrome, in a clinical environment.
Surgical biology.
Education of veterinary students.

Honors & Awards  

William O. Reece Award for Outstanding Academic Advising, September 2014
SCAVMA Clinical Sciences Teaching Award, March 2013
The Society of Phi Zeta, 2012
Wakonse Fellow, 2011
Gamma Sigma Delta, the Honor Society of Agriculture, 2009
Golden Key International Honour Society, 2008                                
William G. Bauman Scholarship in Equine Medicine and Surgery, 1999, 2000
Student AVMA Executive Board, International Exchange Officer, 1999
Delegate to the Student American Veterinary Medical Association, 1998


Iowa Veterinary Medical Association
Immediate Past President

Veterinary Leadership Experience
Veterinary Leadership Institute, Post Falls, Idaho
Team Facilitator

Wakonse Conference on College Teaching
University of Missouri, Shelby, Michigan,2011

Preparing Future Faculty Fellow
Iowa State University, Ames, IA,2009


American College of Veterinary Surgeons
American Association of Equine Practitioners
American Association of Bovine Practitioners
American Veterinary Medical Association
Society of Phi Zeta
South Dakota Veterinary Medical Association
Iowa Veterinary Medical Association
American Quarter Horse Association
Iowa Horse Council
South Dakota State University Alumni Association
Iowa State University Veterinary Medical Alumni Association

Selected Publications  

Google Scholar Page

Schleining JA, Biomechanical considerations in equine laminitis, M.S. Thesis, Iowa State University 2009 

Refereed articles
Madron MM, Schleining JA, Caston SC, Reinertson EL, Evans LJ. Laser treatment of urethral defects in geldings and stallions used as the primary treatment or in combination with a temporary subischial incision: 8 Cases (2003-2011). Equine vet educ 2013 July 25(7):368-73.

Schleining JA, Bergh MS. Surgical Correction of Angular and Torsional Metatarsal Deformity with Cylindrical Osteotomy and Locking Compression Plates in an Angus Calf. Accepted for publication. Veterinary Surgery.

Kreuder AJ, CoetzeeJF, Wulf LW, Schleining JA, KuKanich B, Layman LL, Plummer PJ. Bioavailability and Pharmacokinetics of Oral Meloxicam in Llamas. BMC Vet Res. 2012 Jun 21;8:85. *Online Highly Accessed designation

Schleining JA, McClure SR, Derrick TR, Wang C. Effects of industrial polystyrene  foam insulation pads on the center of pressure and load distribution in the forefeet of clinically normal horses. Am J of Vet Res. 2011 May;72(5):628-33.

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Schleining JA, Reinertson EL. Evidence for dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) use in horses. Part 1: DMSO as a topical and intra-articular anti-inflammatory agent. Equine vet educ 2007 Nov 19(10):545-6.

Wong D, Winter M, Haynes J, Sponseller B, Schleining J. Dandy-Walker-Like syndrome in a quarter horse colt. J Vet Intern Med 2007 Sep-Oct;21(5):1130-4.

Schleining JA, Voss ED. Hypertrophic Osteopathy Secondary to Gastric Squamous Cell             Carcinoma in a Horse. Equine vet educ 2004 Dec 16(6): 304-7.

Textbook Chapters
Plummer PJ and Schleining JA Assessment and Management of Pain in Small Ruminants and Camelids. In Veterinary Clinics of North America: Food Animal Practice. Elsevier. In Press. E-pub ahead of print. doi:10.1016/j.cvfa.2012.11.004

Schleining JA, Kreuder AJ, Whitley EM- Atypical Contagious Ecthyma in an Alpaca. in Proceedings International Camelid Health Conference, Corvallis, Oregon. July 2013

Kreuder AJ, Whitley EM, Schleining JA - Enterocolitis and Septicemia due to Salmonella agona in a yearling llama. in Proceedings. International Camelid Health Conference, Corvallis, Oregon. July 2013.

Schleining JA – Common Disorders of the Neonate. Proceedings. Iowa State University Camelid Symposium, February 2013

Schleining JA – Camelid Dental Disorders. Proceedings Iowa State University Camelid Symposium, February 2011

Schleining JA, McClure SR, Derrick TR, Wang C. Effects of industrial styrofoam on the center of pressure and load distribution in the forefeet of normal horses. Proceedings. 56th Annu Conv Am Assoc Equine Practnr. 2010; 56:148.