Linda K Kauffman

1729 Vet Med
Education & Certifications  

2003 - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Ames, IA

1998 - Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Medical Technology with minors in chemistry and biology

Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA




Didiactic reproductive & dental lectures given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd year veterinary students

     VDPAM 450   Disturbances of Reproduction

     BMS 334        Biomedical Science II


Teach clinical rotations involving general practice cases as well as reproductive cases with the 4th year veterinary students

Research Focus & Interests  

Collaborative efforts with VMPM and Pathology on research projects such as early detection of Brucellosis canis in breeding kennel situations using polymerase chain reaction techniques have been the main focus of my research.  I have received 2 ACORN grants with Dr. Christine Peterson to pursue the B. canis research. Due to these efforts there is now a qPCR test available through the Clinical Pathology lab for the general public & referring veterinarians to test for B. canis using vaginal swabs, semen or urine.  We plan to continue our research in this area as funding allows.


Honors & Awards  
Detection of Brucellosis canis DNA in canine urine, semen and vaginal cytology via qPCR analysis with C. Petersen. AKC ACORN grant. 2009-2010.  
Detection of Brucellosis canis DNA in canine blood via qPCR Analysis. AKC ACORN grant. 2008-2009

Sime Faculty Development Award- 2005



Advisor, American College of Theriogenology

         Faculty Advisor for student chapter 2013-present

Phi Zeta Gamma, Veterinary Honor Society

Member: 2005-present

Secretary: 2007-2008

President: 2008-2009

Advisor, American Animal Hospital Association

Co-Faculty Advisor for student chapter 2004-2008

Faculty Advisor for student chapter 2008-present



  • American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
  • Society for Theriogenology (SFT) 
  • Iowa Veterinary Medical Association (IVMA) 
  • American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) 
  • American Association of Veterinary Clinicians (AAVC) 
  • Phi Zeta Gamma, Veterinary Honor Society
  • International Society for Companion Animal   Infectious Diseases (ISCAID)
  • Iowa Veterinary Rapid Response Emergency Team (IVRRT)
  • Veterinary Medical Alumni Association at Iowa State University

USDA Accredited for International and State Health Certificates

Selected Publications  

Wardyn, SE, Kauffman, LK, Smith, TC. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus in Central Iowa Wildlife. J Wildlife Dis 2012: 48(4):1069-73.

Sonea, IM, Jergens, AE, Sacco, RE, Niyo, Y, Merten, E, Kauffman, LK, Moore, PF. Flow Cytometric Analysis of Colonic and Small Intestinal Mucosal Lymphocytes Obtained by Endoscopic Biopsy in the Healthy Dog.  J Immunol 2000:77:103-119.

Jergens, AE, Sonea, IM, Kauffman, LK, Moore, PF. Flow Cytometric Analysis of Mucosal Lymphocytes in Dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. J Vet Int Med 2001; 15:275.
Jergens, AE, Sonea, IM, Reesink, H, Wannermuehler, MJ, Apley, M, Kauffman, L. Metronidazole Fails to Inhibit Mitogen-Stimulated Proliferation of Lymphocytes in Healthy Dogs. J Vet Int Med May-June 2003;17:420.
Jergens, AE, Sonea, IM, Kauffman, L, Evans, RB, Wannermuehler, MJ. Cytokine MRNA Expression in Intestinal Biopsies of Dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. J Vet Int Med May-June 2003;17:412.
Jergens AE, Sonea IM, O’Connor AM, Kauffman LK, Grozdanic SD, Ackermann MR, Evans RB. Intestinal cytokine mRNA expression in canine inflammatory bowel disease: a meta-analysis with critical appraisal. Comp Med. Apr 2009;59(2):153-62.