Paulo Arruda

Education & Certifications  

Doctor of Philosophy, Veterinary Pathology, Iowa State University, 2014.
Residence in Anatomic Pathology, Iowa State University, 2014.
Masters of Science, Department of Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine, Iowa State University, 2010.
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Pontificia Universidade Catolica (Brazil), 2008.
Foreign animal disease diagnostic laboratory course, Plum Island, NY, 2014


Instructor in charge of VDPAM 455 - Diagnostic Laboratory Practicum

Research Focus & Interests  

Dr. Arruda is a diagnostic pathologist at the Iowa State Diagnostic Laboratory. Dr. Arruda`s primary interest include infectious diseases of swine and associated pathophysiology and diagnostics.  His current research focuses on a divergent lineage pestivirus, Clostridial diseases, and teschovirus.


The Honor Society of Agriculture Gamma Sigma Delta

Selected Publications  

June E. Olds, Jacob Ewing, Paulo Arruda, Jennifer Kuyper, Elizabeth Riedesel, Kristina M Miles. IATROGENIC MICROCHIP ARTERIAL EMBOLISM IN A CHILEAN FLAMINGO (PHOENICOPTERUS CHILENSIS). Under revision at Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine. Accepted.

Paulo H.E. Arruda, Gregory W. Stevenson, Eric R. Burrough, Phillip C. Gauger, Karen M. Harmon, Drew R. Magstadt, Kyoung-Jin Yoon, Jianqiang Zhang, Darin M. Madson, Pablo Piñeyro, Rachel J. Derscheid, Kent J. Schwartz, Vickie L. Cooper, Patrick G. Halbur, Rodger G. Main, Yuko Sato, Bailey L. Arruda. Natural outbreak of H5N2 highly pathogenic avian influenza virus in 2015 in two commercial layer facilities in Iowa: Lesions and viral antigen distribution. Accepted JVDI.

Bailey L. Arruda, Paulo H. Arruda, Drew R. Magstadt, Kent J. Schwartz, Tyler Dohlman, Jennifer A. Schleining, Abby R. Patterson, Callie A. Visek, and Joseph G Victoria. Identification of a Divergent Lineage Porcine Pestivirus in Nursing Piglets with Congenital Tremors and Reproduction of Disease Following Experimental Inoculation. Accepted PLos ONE.

Madson DM, Arruda PHE, Magstadt DR, Hoang H, Sun D, Labios L, Bhandari M, Burrough ER, Gauger PC, Pillatzki AE, Stevenson GW, Wilberts B, Brodie J, Harmon KM, Chong W, Main RG, Zhang J and Yoon KJ. Characterization of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus isolate US/Iowa/18984/2013 infection in one-day-old caesarian-derived colostrum-deprived piglets. Veterinary Pathology. 53: 44-52, 2016.

Paulo H. E. Arruda, Darin M. Madson, Alejandro Ramirez, Eric W. Rowe,  Glenn Songer. Bacterial Probiotics as an Aid in the Control of Clostridium difficile Disease in Neonatal Pigs. The Canadian Veterinary Journal, 57: 183-188, 2016.

Pillatzki AE, Gauger PC, Madson DM, Burrough ER, Zhang J, Magstadt DR, Arruda PHE, Stevenson GW, Yoon KJ. Experimental infection of neonatal pigs with porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) utilizing contaminated feed. Journal of Swine Health and Production. 23: 317-320, 2015.

Qi Chen, Phillip Gauger, Molly Stafne, Joseph Thomas, Paulo Arruda, Eric Burrough, Darin Madson, Joseph Brodie, Drew Magstadt, Rachel Derscheid, Michael Welch, Jianqiang Zhang. Pathogenicity and Pathogenesis of a United States Porcine Deltacoronavirus Cell Culture Isolate in 5-day-old Neonatal Piglets. Virology. 25: 51-59, 2015.

Olds JE, Ensley S, Horst R, Janke BH, Burrough E, Schwartz K, Stevenson GW, Gauger P, Cooper VL, Madson D, Arruda P, Opriessnig T. Clinical investigation into feed-related hypovitaminosis D in a captive flock of budgerigars: morbidly, mortalities and pathological lesions. Journal of Wildlife Disease. J Zoo Wild Med. 46:9-17, 2015.

P.H Arruda, D. Berger, P. Gauger, R. Lavado, B. Wilberts, D. Magstadt, J. Zhang and B. Bledsoe. Pseudorabies virus in a dog subsequent to hunting wild hogs in the Southeast USA. Vet Dermatol. 26: 133–159, 2015.

Madson DM, Magstadt DR, Arruda PHE, Hoang H, Sun D, Labios L, Bhandari M, Burrough ER, Gauger PC, Pillatzki AE, Stevenson GW, Wilberts B, Brodie J, Harmon KM, Chong W, Main RG, Zhang J and Yoon KJ. Pathogenesis of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus isolate (US/Iowa/18984/2013) in 3-week-old weaned pigs. Vet. Microbiol. 174:60-68, 2014.

Wilberts BL, Arruda PH, Kinyon JM, Frana TS, Wang C, Magstadt DR, Madson DM, Patience JF, Burrough ER. Investigation of the Impact of Increased Dietary Insoluble Fiber through the Feeding of Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) on the Incidence and Severity of Brachyspira-Associated Colitis in Pigs. PLoS One. 9(12):e114741, 2014.

Ramirez A, Rowe EW, Arruda PHE, Madson DM: Use of equine origin antitoxins in piglets prior to exposure to mitigate the effects of Clostridium difficile infection – a pilot study. Journal of Swine Health and Production. 22(1):29-32, 2014.

Wilberts BL, Arruda PH, Warneke HL, Erlandson KR, Hammer JM, Burrough ER. Cessation of clinical disease and spirochete shedding after tiamulin treatment in pigs experimentally infected with "Brachyspira hampsonii". Research in Veterinary Science. 97(2): 341-447, 2014.

Wilberts BL, Arruda PH, Kinyon L, Madson DM, Frana T, Burrough ER: Comparison of lesion severity, distribution, and colonic mucin expression in pigs with acute swine dysentery following oral inoculation with “Brachyspira hampsonii” or Brachyspira hyodysenteriae. Veterinary Pathology. 51(6):1096-108, 2014.

Hoang H, Killian ML, Madson DM, Arruda PH, Sun D, Schwartz KJ, Yoon KJ: Full-length genome sequence of a plaque cloned virulent porcine epidemic diarrhea virus isolate (USA/Iowa/18984/2013) from a Midwestern U.S> swine herd. Genome Announcement. 1(6):e01049-13. doi:10.1128/genomeA.01049-13. 2013.

Arruda PH, Madson, DM, Ramirez, A, Rowe, E, Lizer, JT,Songer, JG. Effect of age, dose and antibiotic therapy on the development of Clostridium difficile infection in neonatal piglets. Anaerobe. 22:104-110, 2013.

Esch KJ, Pontes, NN, Arruda, P, O'Connor, A, Morais, L, Jeronimo, SM,Petersen, CA. Preventing zoonotic canine leishmaniasis in northeastern Brazil: pet attachment and adoption of community Leishmania prevention. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 87:822-831, 2012.