V.L. Cooper

Education & Certifications  

DVM The Kansas State University
MS University of Nebraska-Lincoln
PhD University of Nebraska-Omaha


Responsible for limited number of lectures in advanced feedlot and advanced beef.

Research Focus & Interests  

BVD, beef cattle and dairy diagnostics


Kansas Veterinary Medical Association
Iowa Veterinary Medical Association
Academy of Veterinary Consultants
Iowa Cattlemens Association
National Cattlemens Association
America Hereford Association
Iowa Hereford Breeders Association

Selected Publications  

Cullen Jonah N, Engelken, Terry J. Cooper Vickie,  Annette M. O’Connor 2015. A randomized, controlled, blinded trial assessing the association between infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis incidence and a commercial Moraxella bovis vaccine in beef calves. Submitted AJVR.

Jeba Jesudoss Chelladuraia, Chris Badera, Tymbrie Snobla, Drew Magstadt, Vickie Cooperb, Drew Magstadt, and Matt T. Brewer. 2015. Toxocara vitulorum infection in a cohort of beef calves in Iowa.  Vet Parasitology. October.

Koltes JE1, Kumar D2,3, Kataria RS4, Cooper V5, Reecy JM6. 2015 Transcriptional profiling of PRKG2-null growth plate identifies putative down-stream targets of PRKG2. BMC Res Notes. Apr 30;8(1):177.

Hanthorn CJ, Dewell GA, Dewell RD, Cooper VL, Wang C, Plummer PJ, Lakritz J. 2014.  Serum concentrations of haptoglobin and haptoglobin-matrix metalloproteinase 9 (Hp-MMP 9) complexes of bovine calves in a bacterial respiratory challenge model BMC Veterinary Research, 10 :285 (6 December 2014)

Adam C. Krull, Jan K. Shearer, Patrick J. Gorden, Vickie L. Cooper, Gregory J. Phillips, Paul J. Plummer:  2014. Deep Sequencing Analysis Reveals the Temporal Microbiota 1 Changes Associated with the  Development of Bovine Digital Dermatitis. May 27. Pii:IAI.02077-14

Hanthorn CJ, Dewell RD, Cooper VL, Frana TS, Plummer PJ, Wong CH, Dewell GA. 2014. Randomized clinical Trial to evaluate the pathogenicity of B trehalosi in respiratory disease  of calves. BMC Veterinary Research. BMC Veterinary Research.  10:89 DOI: 10.1186/1746-6148-10-89