Walter Haw Hsu

2030 Vet Med
Education & Certifications  

• Biology, 1963-1964, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

• DVM, Veterinary Medicine, 1969, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

• PhD, Pharmacology, 1975, University of North Carolina College of Medicine, Chapel Hill, N.C.


  • Present                                 Instructor-in-charge, BMS 502, Methods in Biomedical Sciences

  • Present                                 Instructor-in-charge, BMS 539, Principles of Pharmacology

  • Present                                 Instructor-in-charge, BMS 538, Principles of Physiology

  • Present                                 Instructor-in-charge, BMS 698, BMS Seminars

  • Present                                 Instructor-in-charge, BMS 575, Cell Biology

  • Present                                 Instructor-in-charge, BMS 469, Study of Veterinary Acupuncture in China

  • Present                                 Instructor-in-charge, TOX 501, Principles of Toxicology

  • Present                                 Instructor-in-charge, BMS 354 & BMS 554, General Pharmacology

  • 2000-2003                          Instructor-in-charge, BMS 552, Advanced Vertebrate Physiology II

  • 1998-2009                          Instructor-in-charge, BMS 549, Advanced Vertabrate Physiology I
Research Focus & Interests  

Cellular physiology and pharmacology of insulin secretion; cross-talk between heterotrimeric G-proteins.

Honors & Awards  
  • Invited Speaker, Colloquium on Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology, Rolling Meadows, IL., Dec. 4‑6, 1979.  "Toxicity and Drug Interactions of Levamisole"
  • President, Phi Zeta, Gamma Chapter, 1985‑1986.
  • Featured Speaker, The Second Veterinary Midwest Anesthesia Conference, Urbana, IL.  May 1, 1986.  "Overview of Adrenoreceptors".  "Yohimbine, an a2‑Adrenoreceptor Antagonist, Makes Xylazine a Safer Sedative".
  • Ralston Purina's Small Animal Research Award, 1987.
  • Invited Speaker, Symposium "Animal Pain and Its Control", Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., June 25-28, 1990.  "Antagonism of Pharmacological Effects of Xylazine".
  • Featured Speaker, The 39th Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Veterinary Science, Chonpuk, Korea, October 20, 1995.  "a2-Adrenergic Receptor-Mediated Porcine Myometrial Contraction and Its Clinical Application for Farrowing Synchronization".
  • Keynote Speaker, 4th Conference on Scientific Research, Jordan Society for Scientific Research,  in Amman, Jordan on 11/7/2009.  Two speeches were presented:  1.  Vitamin D: A D-Lightful Health Perspective, and 2.  Can Vitamin D Prevent Cancer?  Another keynote speaker for the Conference was Dr. Harald zur Hausen, Laureate, 2008 Nobel Prize on Physiology or Medicine.
  • Special Seminar speaker, the King Hussein Cancer Center, Amman, on “Can Vitamin D Prevent Cancer?” 11/11/2009.
  • Special Seminar speaker, the National Center of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Genetic Diseases of Jordan in Amman, on “Vitamin D – A Delightful Health Perspective.”, 11/12/2009.
  • Chair, BMS Graduate Education and Research Committee (2000-7)
  • Chair, BMS Faculty Search Committee for Pharmacologists/Physiologists (2001-2)
  • BMS Department Director of Graduate Education (2000-7)
  • Chair, BMS Faculty Search Committee for Pharmacologist (2006-7)
  1. Member, Animal Resources Committee (Veterinary College, 1983‑8)
  2. Member, Affirmative Action Committee (Veterinary College, 1978‑88)
  3. Member, International Veterinary Medicine Committee (Veterinary College, 1978‑83)
  4. Member, Educational Resources Committee (Veterinary College, 1982‑3)
  5. Member, Advisory Committee for ISU University Wide Exchange Agreements (University, 1984‑90)
  6. Member, Curriculum Committee (Veterinary College, 1989-93)
  7. Member, Academic Standards Committee (Veterinary College, 1989-98)
  8. Member, Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee (University, 1989-92)
  9. Member, Faculty & Staff Development Committee (Veterinary College, 1993-2000)
  10. Member, Student Awards Committee (Veterinary College, 1997-2003)
  11. Member, International Committee (Veterinary College, 1998-2001, 2010-)
  12. Member, International Studies & Exchange Advising Committee (ISU, 2000-1)
  13. Member, Graduate Curriculum Committee (Veterinary College, 2000-1)
  14. Member, Biotechnology Protein Facility Advisory Committee (2001-10)
  15. Member, BMS Advisory Committee to Chair (2002-9)
  16. Member, BMS Awards Committee (2007-11)
  17. Member, BMS Graduate Education and Research Committee (2012-)
  18. Member, Promotion and Tenure Committee (Veterinary College, 2006-11)
  19. Member, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee of ISU (2010-)
  20. Member, College and Departmental Documents Review Committee of ISU (2011-13)
  21. Member, College Diversity Recruitment (Veterinary College, 2016-)
Selected Publications  

Peer Reviewd: 20 selected publications out of over 100. 

  1. Hsu, W. H. and Cooper, C. W.  Hypercalcemic effect of catecholamines and its prevention by thyrocalcitonin.  Calcif. Tiss. Res. 419:125‑137, 1975.
  2. Cooper, C. W., Obie, J. F. and Hsu, W. H.  Improvement and initial in vivo application of the radioimmunoassay of rat thyrocalcitonin.  Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. Med. 151:183‑188, 1976.
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  10. Hsu, W. H., Betts, D. M. and Lee, P.  Xylazine‑induced mydriasis: Possible involvement of a central postsynaptic regulation of parasympathetic tone.  J. Vet. Pharmacol. Ther. 4:209‑214, 1981. (12 citations)
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  14. Hsu, W. H.  Xylazine‑induced delay of small intestinal transit.  Eur. J. Pharmacol. 83:55‑60, 1982.   (47 citations)
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