Weidong Xu

Research Assistant Professor
2020 Vet Med
Education & Certifications  

Washing State University, Ph.D in Molecular Biology

University of California at San Diego, Postdoc in Virology

Harvard Medical School, Postdoc in Immunology

Research Focus & Interests  

• Infectious disease    • Vaccine development     • Cancer therapy     • CTL immunity


Dr. Xu’s scientific studies focus on developing vaccines against human immunodeficiency virus, Rift Valley Fever virus and other economically import animal viruses, such as PRRSV and PEDV. His lab is also interested in cancer gene therapy and immunotherapy using mouse and nonhuman primate models. By applying advanced molecular biology technology, his group is trying to understand why HIV-1 elite controllers can control the virus and disease development even without drug treatment. They are also interested in developing a home-based rapid test kit for early-stage cancer screening.