Analytical Chemistry Services

ISU VDL Toxicology Lab The purpose of the ISU VDL Toxicology/Nutrition division under ACS is to provide consultation, suggestions, and interpretation regarding suspected toxicoses. This consultation includes information about specific samples or specimens useful in confirming diagnoses suspected by the attending clinician. To best accomplish this, a thorough interchange of information between clinician and diagnostician is important. A written or telephone history from the attending veterinarian is useful if the analyses are to be suggested by the toxicologist. A complete account of history (including management and feed type), clinical signs, and lesions submitted with specimens for laboratory evaluation is very important.

Currently, the practice of diagnostic toxicology requires that specific analyses or chemical categories be selected. There is no practical or affordable way to check for all possible poisons. The more information provided, the more efficient and useful is the selection process.

The VDL offers services for nutritional monitoring through analysis of feeds, serum and liver for minerals and selected vitamins. Water quality analysis is also available.

Pathologists are available at any time if you have questions concerning specimen selection or preservation.