One Health Uganda

One Health is a collaboration across multiple disciplines, working at local, regional, national and international levels, with the goal of improving health while respecting the intimate connection between people, animals, plants and the shared environment ( One Health Uganda: Human, Livestock, & Wildlife interface is a unique course that will expose and educate students about One Health issues in the context of human, livestock & wildlife interface in communities living within and areas surrounding wildlife conservation areas of Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP) and Lake Mburo National Park (LMNP) in Western Uganda. Some of the topics to be explored include (1) zoonotic diseases transmitted between animals and people, (2) relationships between animal welfare, cultural practices and human livelihoods; and (3) non-communicable environmental diseases stemming from mining activities in the area. Students will receive instruction from experts at Makerere University, the local Food and Agricultural Organization and/or USAID staff, and from the faculty of record from ISU while in the field. Because one of the objectives is to expose students to international cultural experiences, students will also be immersed in rich African cultural activities. This unique course will help create a cadre of future veterinarians that is globally aware and comfortable in multinational and interdisciplinary collaborations.