Student Research

Student Posters & Presentations

Cullen, J., Makielski, K., Sargeant, J., O'Connor, A. A survey of case-control studies in veterinary science. CRWAD, Chicago, IL 12/2015.

Gonzalez, W., Giménez-Lirola, L., Holmes, A., Lizano, S., Goodell, C., Poonsuk, K., Sitthicharoenchai, P., Wang, C., Zimmerman, J. Detection of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae ApxIV toxin antibody in serum and oral fluids specimens from pigs inoculated under experimental conditions. CRWAD, Chicago, IL 12/2015.

Kraft, J., Woodard, K., Giménez-Lirola, L., Rotolo, M., Wang, C., Lasley, P., Chen, Q., Zhang, J., Baum, D., Gauger, P., Yoon, K.J., Zimmerman, J., Main R. PEDV shedding patterns and antibody kinetics in commercial growing pigs. CRWAD, Chicago, IL 12/2015.

O'Connor, A., Yuan, C., Cullen, J., da Silva, N., Coetzee, J., Wang, C. An update and model assessment of a mixed treatment comparison meta-analysis of antibiotic treatment for bovine respiratory disease. CRWAD, Chicago, IL 12/2015.

Poonsuk, K., Giménez-Lirola, L., Zhang, J., Arruda, P., Chen, Q., Correa da Silva Carrion, L., Rotolo, M., Olsen, C., Magtoto, R., Piñeyro, P., Sarmento, L., Wang, C., Yoon, K.J., Main, R., Zimmerman, J. Does systemic antibody play a role in the protection of piglets against PEDV? CRWAD, Chicago, IL 12/2015.

Rotolo, M., Giménez-Lirola, L., Abate, S., Hoogland, M., Wang, C., Baum, D., Gauger, P., Harmon, K., Main, R., Ramirez, A., Zimmerman, J. Developing sampling guidelines for PED surveillance.  Proc 96th Ann Meet Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases. CRWAD, Chicago, IL 12/2015.

Rotolo, M., Giménez-Lirola, L., Sun, Y., Abate, S., Wang, C., Baum, D., Gauger, P., Hoogland, M., Main, R., Zimmerman, J. Developing sampling guidelines for oral fluid-based PRRSV surveillance. CRWAD, Chicago, IL 12/2015.

Bates, J., Crawford, K., Karriker, L., Main, R., Christianson, E., Marsteller, T., Hammen, K., Thomas, P., Ellingson, J., Harmon, K., Abate, S., & Vanfroenweghe, F. The use of antemortem tracheobronchial mucus colelction technique for Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae. AASV Annual Meeting, Orland, FL 03/2015.

Hayman, K., Canning, P., Johnson, B., Ellingson, J., Sun, Y., Thomas, P., Canon, A., Karriker, L. Effects of third generation cephalosporin administration at piglet processing on mortality, morbidity, average daily gain, and castration wound-healing. AASV Annual Meeting, Orland, FL 03/2015.

Sparks, J., Day, D., Karriker, L., Wulf, L., Zhang, J., Bates, J., Ellingson, J., Gehring, R., Coetzee, J. Vaccination mitigates the effect PRRSv infection has on the pharmacokinetics of ceftiofur crystalline free acid in pigs. AASV Annual Meeting, Orland, FL 03/2015.

Taplett, A., Burrough, E. Correlation of semi-quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction results for Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus and the presence of positive immunohistochemistry. AASV Annual Meeting, Orland, FL 03/2015.

Balik, S., Karriker, L., Bates, J., Thomas, P., Hammen, K. On-site testing of oral fluids for ceftiofur residues using beta-lactam SNAP testing. AASV Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX 03/2014.

Mainquist, C., Ellingson, J., Holscher, K., Karriker, L., Hocker, J., Blomme, B. Dermestes maculatus infestation of swine barns. AASV Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX 03/2014.

Pertzborn, K., Bates, J., Karriker, L., Stock, M., Baldwin, L., Ellingson, J., Thomas, P., Coetzee, H. Biological pain indicators for the characterization of piglet pain during and after processing. AASV Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX 03/2014.

Sparks, J., Day, D., Coetzee, J., Olsen, C., Zimmerman, J., Karriker, L. Comparison of chlortetracycline (CTC) concentraions in feed, plasma, and oral fluid with pathogen MICs in treated commercial swine sites. AASV Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX 03/2014.

Haden, C., Henry, S., Potter, M., Tokach, L., Murray, D., Sires, R., Gronemeyer, L., Horst, R., Goff, J. The effects of vitamin D supplemtation on production parameters and immune function in pre-wean and nursery piglets. AASV Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA 2013.

Pepin, B., Kittawornrat, A., Gauger, P., Main R., Garton, C., Hargrove, J., Rademacher, C., Zimmerman, J. Comparison of specimens for monitoring PRRSV in boar studs: What works best? AASV Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA 2013.

Sawyer, K., Wilberts, B., Kinyon, J., Burrough, E. Cecal colonization and fecal shedding in rats inoculated with various Brachyspira spp. AASV Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA 03/2013.

Christianson, M., Lammer, P., Dewell, R., Juarez, J., Millman, S. Quick and cost effecting forage analysis for grass fed beef. Student Research Symposium, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 2012.

Haden, C., Painter, T., Fangman, T., Holtkamp, D. Assessing production parameters and economic impact of swine influenza, PRRS and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae on finishing pigs in a large production system. AASV Annual Meeting, Denver, CO 2012.

Juarez, J., Lammers, P., Dewell, R., Christianson, M., Millman, S. Grass finished beef pilot project: preliminary health, welfare and performance assessment. Student Research Symposium, Fort Collins, CA 2012.