Will students be able to eat lunches in the rounds rooms?
Yes. That is the plan in almost all rounds rooms. Each rotation will clarify with students at the beginning of that rotation.

If a student prefers to go home for lunch is that an option?
The service leader in your rotation will determine if this an option for you.

When will students get information from individual rotations on how they are handling the new students coming in? Will have of the students be in the morning and half in the afternoon or is there another plan?
Typically students will receive information the Friday before the first day of the new rotation.

How are end-of-life procedures handled with clients?
Owners and immediate family will be allowed into the Hixson-Lied Small Animal Hospital to spend time before, during and after the euthanasia. Anyone entering the hospital must have a face covering on at all times.

For safety reasons, family members will remain in the exam room until they are ready to leave. They will use the remote doorbell in the exam room to notify staff when they are ready to leave.

Will students get information from the large animal rotations as well as the small animal rotations?
The protocols will be very similar to the Small Animal Hospital protocols.

What happens if I get sick without a fever? Do you still contact your clinician and stay home?
Before coming to clinics, conduct a self-assessment including determining if you have a cough, suffer shortness of breath, loss of taste and smell and a sore throat. If you have these symptoms contact your clinician and stay home.

Will students be conducting necropsies?
Students will be doing necropsies during this rotation.

When it comes to face coverings are patterns okay?
There can be patterns, but no messaging or commercial advertising should be worn.

What are the guidelines for riding in vehicles for services that have clients away from the College of Veterinary Medicine?
For trips less than 15 minutes, the normal capacity for the van will be maintained provided all occupants wear a face covering.

For trips longer than 15 minutes, the vehicle capacity will be reduced. There may be times where students may be able to drive on their own but that will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Students will not be reimbursed for mileage in any incidence.

If a student feels uncomfortable with these guidelines, the student is not required to take a rotation that requires transportation.

Will the clinical skills be adjusted?
There is no current plans to adjust the clinical skills list. CVM administration and faculty will continually monitor to the situation to see if any adjustments are necessary in this policy. It is highly advised for students to start working toward completing the clinical skills list at the earliest possible moment.

If someone gets sick, with the rotation competition be on an individual basis?
Yes, students may have to make up a few days or the whole rotation which is in line with past and current policy in regards to missing part of a rotation due to illness or absence. All efforts will be made to schedule a new rotation if they miss the entire rotation.

Is the risk paperwork previously required for externships still applicable?
Students should reassess their risks to COVID-19 upon traveling to or returning from an externship, preceptorship or any out-of-state travel.

Do students still do after hours shifts?
Typically yes, but contact the clinician on your rotation. If you are sick, you should not come to work.

What is the current case load in the Small Animal Hospital compared to years past?
Some services continue to have reduced case load with many services accepting

What happens if a student tests positive for COVID-19?
First of all, stay home. If the testing was done at ISU’s Thielen Student Health Center, you don’t have to report the positive test. If the test was done with an outside agency including local health care providers or a Test Iowa site, there is a link on the Student Health Center where you must report the positive test. You should also inform your rotation lead and/or OASA that you will not be reporting to the clinics due to illness.

Do students have to quarantine if they travel to Ames from out-of-state?
No. Iowa State University policy now allows for domestic, business-related travel.

If students can’t get the clinical skills completed for a certain set or certain number will they be able to use the Clinical Skills Lab to work on those?
This will work for some clinical skills. Please contact the Clinical Skills Lab or your instructor.

How will parking permits work for July and August before the fall semester officially starts?
Students who need parking permits for the summer should email parking@iastate.edu with

  • Name
  • University ID
  • Request for Lot 93 parking permit
  • Dates permit needed

How will the rotation group be handled if an individual in that rotation tests positive?
The college will follow the directive of the public health professionals in making this determination on a case-by-case basis.

If a student completes an out-of-state preceptorship without receiving academic credit do they need to quarantine?
There are no restrictions for individuals to quarantine for personal travel.

Will all rotations be offered online for individuals that have to quarantine?
Students in the situation should contact OASA, who will address this on a case-by-case basis including possible independent studies.