Wildlife Care Clinic

Donations & Adoptions


What is an Adoption?

When you adopt an animal at the WCC, you will receive current updates on your adopted patient as well as information pertaining to release and/or placement. Your adoption fee will be used to purchase much needed medical supplies, equipment, and food as well as pay for medical treatment and tests that may be required.

What is a Sponsorship?

A sponsorship differs from an adoption in that you will be funding the housing and feeding of one of our permanently disabled raptors for a year. These birds are used for educational programs throughout the year; however, the daily maintenance of these animals can get quite expensive.

How does the program work?

You can either adopt a current patient during its hospitalization or you can sponsor one of the clinic's permanently disabled educational birds. You may choose the kind of animal you would like to adopt depending on availability. Most of our patients are either mammals or birds. Occasionally, we receive a reptile or two.


Proper care for these wild animals can be very expensive. The cost for caring for animals that are severely debilitated and require extensive medical care can easily exceed $1,000. Anyone can adopt an animal at the WCC - individuals, school groups, boy/girl scouts, church groups, businesses, and other organizations. Thus, the WCC asks for the following sponsorships:

  • $20 to adopt a patient or nest of babies
  • $100 to adopt a permanently disabled raptor for 6 months

How involved can we become with our sponsored animal?

Unfortunately, a site visit with the animal at your location is not available because these are wild animals and it would cause undue stress.

However, we will provide your class or organization with a certificate of adoption, periodic progress reports on the animal and an invitation to the animal's release.

Sponsoring the permanent residents helps them serve as ambassadors to educate children and the general public about wild animals, conservation, and our part in passing on these treasures to future generations.

A staff member from the WCC will come to your class, or group, and share with you information about your animal's life and its importance in nature. If you wish, one of the clinic's educational birds can also be brought.

Most importantly, you will receive the satisfaction in knowing that you helped save the life of a wild animal. It is only through the concern and effort of people like you that the Wildlife Care Clinic can continue to provide quality care for injured wildlife and help to ensure a future for many species of wildlife - one animal at a time.

How do I become a sponsor?

When you have raised the sponsorship fee, send it to us along with your name and telephone number.

We will contact you so that you will be able to choose your animal from those available at the time.

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