Canine Lymphoma Steroid Only

Area of Study: 

Purpose of Study: 

Currently, there is no well-defined study regarding the survival and quality of life for dogs with lymphoma treated with prednisone, an orally administered, inexpensive steroid, despite the drug's inclusion in almost every treatment protocol for lymphoma.

Chemotherapy for canine lymphoma is costly, time-consuming, and has a risk of serious complications. Prednisone is thought to improve quality of life and reduce lymph node size. But the benefit of this inexpensive, orally administered drug has not been formally studied.

The Canine LYmPhoma Steroid Only (CALYPSO) is a multi-center study involving 100 dogs with high grade lymphoma from 8 contributing veterinary schools and specialty practices. We are interested in determining the response to therapy, how long does it last, if certain types of lymphoma respond better than others to prednisone, and most importantly, how quality of life is improved. 

  1. Participant dogs need a confirmed diagnosis of intermediate to high-grade lymphoma. Your veterinarian can send aspirates or tissue samples for analysis to the laboratory of her/his choice or we can do this for you at the hospital.
  2. Dogs with lymphoma in peripheral lymph nodes qualify for the study.
  3. Dogs with skin or gastrointestinal lymphoma are not eligible for the study. 
  4. Dogs with lymphoma in the spleen and liver only without peripheral lymph node involvement are not eligible. 
  5. Dogs receiving any chemotherapy or prednisone before they visit our hospital are not eligible.
Client Responsibilities: 
  1. On the first day, your dog’s quality of life at home will be assessed by having you answer questions about how he/she is feeling. This questionnaire will be repeated on Day 7, Day 14, and then monthly thereafter. Someone will contact you at home and review the questions with you if you do not revisit the hospital.
  2. Because the response to prednisone may differ between dogs based on the type of lymphoma (T-cell or B-cell), a fine needle aspiration of a lymph node will be obtained at the beginning of the study so it can be sent to a lab for special staining.  
  3. After routine lab tests and a thorough physical exam including lymph node measurements are completed, your dog will start taking prednisone daily by mouth at home. All dogs get the same dosage.
  4. Length of participation is three months.
Client Benefits: 
  • Improved quality of life for dogs with lymphoma.
  • Prednisone is provided free of charge.

Dr. Chad Johannes

Dr. Leslie Fox

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