Thyroid hormone status in dogs with Renal Proteinuria

Area of Study: 
Internal Medicine

Purpose of Study: 

Loss of serum proteins through the kidneys (renal proteinuria) has significant pathologic consequences in both humans and veterinary patients, most notably progression of kidney disease and thromboembolic disease. 

Some research in humans suggests that proteinuria can also impact functioning of the thyroid gland.

Our study aims to evaluate the thyroid function in dogs that are proteinuric. 


Your dog can potentially qualify for this study if he/she has proteinuria for which a non-renal cause has been ruled out based on:

  • Urine culture 
  • Abdominal imaging (abdominal radiographs and ultrasound)
  • Negative parasite and infectious disease screening.

Your dogs can not qualify for this study if:

  • He/She has a recent (within 1 month) history of use of drugs known to influence thyroid status:

      - Corticosteroids
      - Sulfa drugs
      - Phenobarbital
      - Amiodarone
      - Anti-depressants

  • He/She belongs to a Sighthound breed (Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds, Whippets…) 
  • He/She also has an Orthopedic, Dermatologic or Ophthalmologic condition
Client Responsibilities: 

The participation for this study will last for only the time necessary to collect a small (5ml) blood sample as well as a sterile urine sample.

Both blood and urine collections can occur on their own or when your pet is having blood drawn for another reason.

The blood and urine sampling will be performed by a trained member of our staff (veterinarian or technician). 

Client Benefits: 

Participation in this study will not cost anything to you.

As part of participation in the study we will perform a CBC, blood chemistry, urinalysis and urine protein creatinine ratio (if indicated). The cost of these tests will be covered by the study.