MicroPulse Laser for Glaucoma Therapy

Area of Study: 

Purpose of Study: 

Evaluate the efficacy of MicroPulse laser device for long-term control of intra-ocular pressure in animals with glaucoma.

The novel device uses newly patented MicroPulse technology to deliver laser energy and lower intra-ocular pressure. Compared to previous laser units, the MicroPulse device provides a kinder, gentler approach with an improved efficacy and safety profile in people.

Treatment with this device is a good option for patients for which medical therapy for glaucoma has become ineffective over time. It is also beneficial for patients with early disease as an adjunctive treatment for elevated intra-ocular pressure.


Your pet (dog, cat or horse) may qualify for this study if your veterinarian diagnosed glaucoma in one or both eyes. Glaucoma is characterized by elevated intra-ocular pressure, and can cause discomfort and blindness if left untreated.

Client Responsibilities: 

The owner is solely charged for the initial consultation, sedation / anesthesia, one day of hospitalization and medications (approximately $500-600 total). In exchange, we request that the pet be rechecked at ISU one week post laser therapy, while subsequent rechecks (1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year) can be done at your clinic or back at ISU.

Depending on the animal’s demeanor, the procedure is done under sedation or short general anesthesia. The laser probe is placed on top of the sclera and the laser energy is emitted 360 degrees to treat the underlying ciliary body. There are no incisions performed or sutures placed.

Patients remain in our hospital for 24 hours for close monitoring.

Client Benefits: 

The laser procedure fee is waived at this time.


Dr Lionel Sebbag