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Electronic Medical Records

Veterinarians who have referred patients to the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center at Iowa State University can easily access those patients’ medical records.

Electronic medical records are available for referred patients, but first the referring veterinarian must be registered with an account in the Cyclone Veterinary Information System (CVIS). Veterinarians who are not registered may visit to obtain a username and password.

The electronic medical records at the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center include finalized case summaries, discharge instruction, lab work and various reports including surgery, anesthesia, specialty area consultations, radiology, dermatology exams, ophthalmology exams, radiology images and rehabilitation information.

The electronic medical records are available to the referring veterinarian for patients referred by that veterinarian.

Paper copies are also available and can be obtained by submitting a request via telephone (515 294-2425), FAX (515 294-3083), or mail: Veterinary Clinical Sciences, ISU VMC Medical Records, 1710 Vet Med, 1800 Christensen Drive, Ames, IA 50011.



>> For additional information please contact Brian Rowe-Barth at 515 294-4900.