Submission Guidelines

Biopsy Pricing 

  • Specimen from 1 organ or lesion with a single diagnosis - $58
    Biopsy cases include all special stains and immunohistochemical stains.  The pathologist will determine the need for stains, but can discuss special diagnostic tests with the referring veterinarian.

  • Specimens from 2 different organs or lesions - $80

  • Specimens from 6+cm organs or lesions - $100

  • Each Additional Specimen (after first two) - $12

  • Decalcification - $25

  • Complete Necropsy (including histopathologic exam of animal)  - $110 Charges will not include microbiologic culture or toxicology testing.  
Please call 515-291-5209 for ALL necropsy deliveries.

Pathology services for additional testing or diagnosis will be charged a fee, based on services provided.

    Shipping Requirements

      ATTENTION: USPS updated their STAMPED MAIL policy on October 1, 2019. Any packages >10oz and >1/2in. thickness cannot be mailed with regular stamps. Postage Meters, PC Postage, & mailing from the post office is OK. All others will be returned to sender as NOT DELIVERABLE.


    • Fill out the Department of Veterinary Pathology Histopathology Submission form and submit it with the specimen
    • Place the biopsy specimen in a sealed wide-mouthed container with 10% neutral buffered formalin at 10-20 times the bulk of the tissue (ensure adequate fixation before shipping)
    • Tighten the lid on the container and secure by wrapping with parafilm (no tape)
    • Attach the formalin sticker to the container and label with the clinic, owner's name, animal's name and specimen type.
    • Place the container in a plastic bag with absorbent material (e.g. paper towels) and ship in a sturdy box by the carrier of your choice to:

      Department of Veterinary Pathology
      2703 Veterinary Medicine
      Iowa State University
      Ames, IA 50011-1250
    • Click here for information regarding special winter shipping instructions.
    • Click here for the procedure for using cucumber slices to orientate small biopsy


    Click here to request shipping supplies (boxes, specimen jars, bags and formalin stickers).  Fax completed form to: 515-294-7730
    To obtain Pathology results click on the CVIS Website