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8/25/17 - Iowa State University biomedical researcher conducts promising trial of potential therapy for spinal muscular atrophy


8/14/17 - Congratulations to Dr. William Reece and Dr. Eric Rowe on the publication of the 5th Edition of their textbook Functional Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Dogs



7/26/17 - Change Agent: Suzanne Millman



6/14/17 - Support for Cutting-edge Equipment from Carver Trust Stands to Advance New Discoveries at Iowa State



5/24/17 - Iowa State veterinary medicine student named Howard Hughes Medical Research Fellow



5/10/17 - New Iowa State University research will help to refine treatments for global parasitic disease



4/27/17 - One-year master's program unlocking opportunities for students



3/22/17 - BMS Researchers Discover New Screening Technique for Protein Misfolding Diseases



2/2/17 - Bridging the Gap: How the one-year MS program in BMS is helping students acheive their professional goals.



2/2/17 - Biomedical Sciences One-Year MS program helps College of Veterinary Medicine reach enrollment record.



9/7/16 - Dr. Anumantha Kanthasamy was selected for the President initiative for interdisciplinary research using big data.



3/29/16 - Vivek Lawana, current research conference chair, was elected as president for The Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) with 68 percent of the vote.



3/28/16 - Vivek Lawana, Monica Langley, Dilshan Harischandra, and Shivani Ghaisas each won awards at the annual Society of Toxicology meeting last week. 

Vivek Lawana: Honorable Mention, Molecular and System Biology SS
        Honorable Mention, Carl C. Smith award, Mechanism SS   

Dilshan Harischandra: Graduate Student Best Abstract Award (1st place) Inhalation Toxicology SS
        SOT Graduate Student Award 
        Graduate Student Award for miRNA Biomarkers for Toxicology Meeting

Shivani Ghaisas: Third place, Graduate Student Award, Metals SS
        Third Place, Toshio Narahashi Graduate Student Poster Award, Neurotoxicology SS 
        Honorable Mention, Carl C. Smith award, Mechanism SS
        Graduate Student Poster Award, Central State SOT 

Monica Langley: First place, Graduate Student Award, Stem Cells SS
        Charles River Travel Award, Toxicology and Exploratory Pathology SS
        Third Place, Graduate Student Poster Award, Drug Discovery SS
        Graduate Student Poster Award, Central State SOT


1/21/16 - Dr. Michael Kimber has secured a new NIH R21 grant award to investigate the host-parasite interface during Brugia malayi infection of the vector mosquito, Aedes aegypti.



1/19/16 - The latest edition of our BMS Herald is out! Click on the photo to view the newsletter.


1/12/16 - Dr. Weidong Xu has received a grant from the US Depart of Homeland Security to develop a T-Cell Based Vaccine against African Swine Fever Virus.



1/12/16 - Dr. Jesse Goff has secured a new NIH-R15 grant to develop Vitamin D glucuronide prodrugs for colon cancer treatment.



1/12/16 - Dr. Alan Robertson has received a new NIH-R21 grant award to characterize a novel nicotinic acetylcholine receptor from the nematode pharynx as a potential drug target.



12/02/15 - Take a virtual tour of our department and other ISU graduate programs at YouVisit.



12/02/15 - Ghaisas wins best poster at Central States Society of Toxicology (CS-SOT) annual meeting.