The 1-year, non-thesis Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences requires the successful completion of 30 credit hours of coursework, listed below. This includes a creative component and a 2 elective credit hours of the student's choice. This set curriculum is designed to be completed in two semesters, starting in the Fall semester and ending in early May with a final oral examination of the creative component. All students who successfully complete the program requirements earn a master's degree in biomedical sciences.


Fall Semester
Course Number
 Title Credits

BMS 547

Principles of Anatomy 4

BMS 538

Principles of Physiology 4

BMS 575

Cell Biology 3

VMPM 501

Principles of Microbiology 3

BMS 698C

BMS Seminar 1
  Total Fall Credits 15


Spring Semester
Course Number
Title Credits

BMS 539

Principles of Pharmacology 4

VPTH 503

Principles of Pathology 3

BMS 502

Methods in Biomedical Sciences


BMS 698C

BMS Seminar 1

BMS 599

Creative Component 2
  Elective 2
  Total Spring Credits 15