The One-year Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences requires the successful completion of 30 credit hours of coursework (core courses listed below), three elective credit hours (student's choice), and a final oral examination over a creative component.

The curriculum is designed to be completed in two semesters, beginning in the Fall semester (late August) and ending at the completion of the Spring semester (early May).

Students who successfully complete the requirements earn a Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences.

Fall Semester
Course Number
 Title Credits

BMS 547

Principles of Anatomy 4

BMS 538

Principles of Physiology 4

VMPM 501

Basic Principles of Microbiology 3

BMS 535

Molecular and Cellular Basis of Disease 1
BMS 503X

Fundamentals of Biomedical Sciences

BMS 599

Creative Component


BMS 698C

BMS Seminar 1
  Total Fall Credits 15


Spring Semester
Course Number
Title Credits

BMS 539

Principles of Pharmacology 4

VPTH 503

Principles of Pathology 3
BMS 575

Cell Biology


BMS 698C

BMS Seminar 1

BMS 599

Creative Component 1
  Electives 3
  Total Spring Credits 15


Elective course offerings in the spring include: