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Apply to the College (Entering Fall 2016)

Checking Application Status

Graduate Record Exam (GRE)

International Applicants


Letters of Recommendation

Supplemental Application


VMCAS Application


VMCAS Application
All applicants must apply through the Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS). Their online web application may be accessed at http://www.aavmc.org/vmcas/vmcas.htm. The deadline for the VMCAS Application is Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.

All application deadlines are firm. 


Letters of Recommendation
Three electronic letters of recommendation (eLOR) are required. Up to six eLORs will be accepted.  You are strongly encouraged to ask for more than three evaluations in case an evaluator is not able to get their evaluation in on time. Evaluations must be submitted by Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.

No late evaluations will be accepted.

Suggested Evaluators
The applicant is encouraged to have at least one recommendation from a veterinarian. Other suggested evaluators include academic advisors or professors, professional scientists, other medical professionals, and employers. The evaluator should know the applicant well and be able to speak to their personal characteristics and attributes. Evaluators cannot be related to the applicant by blood or marriage. It is preferred the evaluator include further remarks or compose a letter in the comments section of the VMCAS eLOR.  Instruction on submitting letters of recommendation to VMCAS can be found at http://aavmc.org/Applicant-Responsibilities/Evaluations.aspx. eLORs must be submitted to VMCAS by Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.

Should the Admissions Committee need to clarify information provided in the application or recommendation, they may elect to contact the applicant or evaluator.


Graduate Record Exam (General Test)
(Use GRE Code 6315 - DO NOT USE CODE 6306
  There is no department code.)

Either the old or the new revised GRE will be accepted. GRE scores must be RECEIVED by September 15, 2015.

No late GRE scores will be accepted.


Official transcripts for ALL college-level coursework (undergraduate, graduate and continuing education) must be sent directly to VMCAS.  This includes Iowa State University students and alumni.  Please send transcripts to:
                  VMCAS Transcript Processing Center
                  P.O. Box 9126
                  Watertown, MA  02471

Official transcripts from ALL postsecondary institutions you have attended are required. This is necessary even though credits may show up as transfer credits on another institution's transcript, you took only one course at the institution, or you took the college credits during high school.

If credits have been taken at a foreign (non-U.S.) institution, the applicant must follow the VMCAS instructions for foreign transcripts.  Since this may take some time, applicants are urged to start this process shortly after the VMCAS application opens.

The FINAL deadline for RECEIPT of transcripts is September 15, 2015.

Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 transcripts need to be sent directly to Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine at the following address.

                  CVM Admissions
                  2270 Veterinary Medicine
                  Iowa State University                                                                 Ames, IA  50010-3020


Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine Supplemental Application
ALL APPLICANTS are required to complete the brief online ISU Veterinary Medicine Supplemental Application. The supplemental application will be available May 13, 2015.

IMPORTANT - You must start your VMCAS Application first and then your Supplemental Application.  You need your VMCAS ID number to create your Supplemental Application account.  Once your Supplemental Application account is created we are able to record information on your Status Page and communicate with you via the Message Board which is our primary method of communication. Your VMCAS application does not need to be submitted before creating your Supplemental Application. 

 Click here for the



After completing the Supplemental Application, print a copy for your records. Submit the Supplemental Application and print the Signature Page. The signed Signature Page and a non-refundable $75 processing fee for US citizens or $95 processing fee for international applicants must be sent to the following address. Processing fees are good for two consecutive years. If you applied last year to enter Fall 2015, you do not need to pay the fee for this year, entering Fall 2016.  (Degree seeking Iowa State University students and Iowa State University alumni do not need to pay the processing fee.)

Veterinary Medicine Admissions
2270 Veterinary Medicine
Iowa State University
P.O. Box 3020
Ames, IA 50010-3020

Checks for the processing fee should be made payable to Iowa State University. Please be sure your VMCAS ID is written on the signature page and on the check.

The FINAL deadline for submitting the Supplemental Application is September 15, 2015, 11:59 pm Eastern Time.


International Applicants
International applicants are considered in the non-resident/non-contract pool of applicants and must meet the same criteria as U.S. applicants. If you are an international applicant, please review the Instructions for International Applicants.


Interviews are scheduled for the following dates. Dates are subject to change and more dates may be added if necessary.  Applicants will receive notification approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the interview. The interviews will be one hour in length and will be held from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

  • December 5-6, 2015
  • January 16-17, 2016
  • January 23-24, 2016
  • January 30-31, 2016


Checking Application Status
Applicants are responsible for checking the status of their application on their online Status Page. The Status Page is the first page you see when you log into your Supplemental Application. Upon receipt of the VMCAS application, applications will be reviewed for completeness, GPA eligibility, and required coursework. The Status Page will indicate what materials have been received, notes concerning any problems with the application and deadlines for resolving any problems. Interview offers and final statuses will also be posted on the Status Page. Failure to check the status of your application may result in your application being withdrawn from consideration.

Communication with the applicant will be via the messaging system on the Status Page and very occasionally by e-mail. Phone calls will not be accepted.  Please contact us with any concerns through the messaging system on the Status Page.  It is imperative that you check your messages and and other information on your Status Page frequently. If you have problems viewing your status page or supplemental application, please contact the programmer at mechler@iastate.edu.

It is the applicant's responsibility to see that all materials are received by the appropriate deadline and that the College is notified of how problems with their application will be remedied. By checking the Status Page frequently, applicants will be able to quickly resolve any problems with their application.

PLEASE NOTE:  Questions concerning the application will only be discussed with the applicant.  Due to confidentiality we cannot discuss the application with anyone else including parents, spouses, friends, employers, etc.


Last updated 5/11/2015




Tuesday, September 15

11:59 pm Eastern Time



Nebraska Residents vetmed.unl.edu/howtoapply



Admission Calendar with Deadlines

Download Calendar-Printable Version

May 13, 2015 

  • VMCAS web application available
  • ISU-CVM supplemental application available

September 15, 2015, 11:59 pm Eastern Time 

  • VMCAS Application
  • 3 letters of evaluation
  • All transcripts (to VMCAS)
  • GRE Received (General test only to ISU-CVM code 6315)
  • ISU Veterinary Medicine Supplemental Application (electronically submitted, signature page and fee postmarked)

December 5-6, 2015
First interview weekend 

January 16-17, 2016
Second interview weekend 

January 23-24, 2016
Third interview weekend 

January 30-31, 2016
Fourth interview weekend 

February 1, 2016
Fall 2015 transcripts due to the College of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University (received)

February 15, 2016
Notification of final application status

April 1, 2016
Deadline to indicate you want to remain on the alternate list

April 15, 2016
Postmark date to accept offer of admissions and pay deposit

July 1, 2016
Postmark date for Spring 2016 transcripts