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Donating to the College

The power of giving is limitless at Iowa State University and the College of Veterinary Medicine

Each gift provides direct financial support to students, faculty, staff and programs. The college is grateful for donors who support the future of ISU through continued financial support of educational opportunities.

Excellence at Iowa State is measured by the university’s ability to transform lives through education. Our college's education not only gives students the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as a veterinarian but also strengthens their ability to think analytically in order to contribute to society.

Your gifts to the College of Veterinary Medicine make it possible to transform lives—at the university and beyond. Scholarships and fellowships attract the brightest young minds to Iowa State, giving them the financial resources needed for success. Preiminant faculty chairs, professorships and lectureships help the university bring some of the most prominent scholars to ISU, providing the influence and leadership that make the best students even better.

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