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Wilson K Rumbeiha

Wilson Rumbeiha
Wilson K Rumbeiha


Vet Diagnostic & Production Animal Med
(515) 294-0630
2659 Vet Med
Expertise / Research Area
My area of expertise is toxicology. Veterinary toxicology is my home in toxicology, but I am also board-certified in general toxicology. 1. The role of the environment in neurotoxicology and neurodegeneration. Currently I am investigating the neurotoxicology of sulfides.This work is funded by an NIH grant. 2. Applied diagnostic and clinical toxicology. Currently I am working on FDA funded work on diagnostic methods development. Also I am working on cyanotoxins, from detection to impact on animal and human health.
I teach VDPA 426 Veterinary Toxicology to professional DVM students. I also teach modules in Tox 501, VDPAM 426X, VDPAM 526 and other graduate toxicology courses.
BVM (DVM equivalent), PhD. Double boarded by the ABT and the ABVT
I have held numerous leadership positions in professional societies. I am currently President of Toxicologists without Borders, Inc. I am also serving on editorial boards of Professional Journals.. JVDI, and JMT. I served as Section chief Toxicology at Michigan State University for several years before taking on my current job at ISU.
Honors & Awards
SOT International ToxScholar Outreach Award, 2013 SOT Global Senior Scholar Host Award, 2014 Carnegie Diaspora Fellowship 2014 The Daniels Award for excellence in advancement of knowledge concerning Small Animal Endocrinology, Daniels Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 2000.
I am a member in several professional and leadership organizations. A sample list is as follows: 1. Member AAVLD 2. Member AAVCT 3. IVMA 4. Member AASV 5. Member TWB, Inc 6. Member Toastmasters International, etc