Pre-Vet Checklist


Download pdf of Pre-Vet Checklist

Current as of 8/23/2021

  • Meet with Pre-Vet, Pre-Health advisor, or contact Deanna Gerber, ISU-CVM Coordinator of Recruitment (
  • Prerequisite courses completed or planned
    • Prerequisite Courses
      • English Composition (3 cr)
      • English Composition (3 cr)
      • Oral Communication (3 cr)
      • General Chemistry 1 + Lab (4 cr)
      • General Chemistry 2 (3 cr)
      • Organic Chemistry 1 + Lab (4 cr)
      • Biochemistry (3 cr)
      • Physics 1 + Lab (4 cr)
      • General Biology 1 + Lab (4 cr)
      • General Biology 2 + Lab (4 cr)
      • Anatomy and/or Physiology (3 cr)
      • Genetics (3 cr)
    • Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences (total of 6 cr)
    • Electives (total of 8 cr)
      *For more detailed information see website. Questions: Kathy Kuehl, Coordinator of Admissions
  • 200 hours or more of quality animal, veterinary, or research experience. (Optional experience log attached.)
  • Contacts for Letters of Recommendation
    • 1-3 recommendations are required, 4-5 highly suggested, 6 optional
      *For more detailed information see website.
  • Prepare for and take CASPer the year you apply
  • Investigate cost of veterinary education
  • Investigate possible available scholarships
  • Save for cost of application
    • VMCAS Cost
    • Supplemental application fee
    • Cost of visit to ISU-CVM
    • Cost of CASPer
  • Prepare for application by reviewing admissions information on ISU-CVM and AAVMC websites
  • Download Application Checklist

Experience Log

(200 hours or more of quality animal, veterinary, or research experience)
This log can help you keep track of the information needed to complete the experience portion of the application. Your reflections listed here may also be helpful in completing the essays required.

Example Experience Log Entry:
Date: 10/15/120
Hours: 6
Site: Happy Hounds Vet Clinic
Supervisor/Mentor: Dr. Becky Smith
Reflection/Comments: Observed a physical exam and dog spay. Learned the importance of a vet’s ability to educate owner about pet’s routine care.