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Prepare for your interview. Part of preparing for an interview is being prepared to answer some questions that are likely to be asked. Use some of the resources linked below to identify likely questions. Review your resume and cover letter and see what specific things an employer might ask about you. For example:

  • time gaps
  • significant life course changes
  • short tenure in many positions
  • lots of jobs

It is also important that you be prepared to ask questions of the interviewer. You may want to ask questions to guide the discussion to a particular topic:

For example: "I see you have an ultrasound machine, do you use it on cardiac cases? I have experience with assessing cardiac function via ultrasound."

Or you may want to simply gain information about a topic of particular interest to you (eg. types of clients, case load, practice philosophy). Either way it is important that you prepare your questions in advance. Create a list of questions that you could take on an interview.

Be aware of the types of questions that are illegal. (See links below in Tips and Related Resources.) Consider difficult or awkward questions you may face and how you might address them.

For example:

  • Are you planning to have children soon?
  • What do you want for a salary?
  • Do you go to church?

Tips and Related Resources:

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