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Biomedical Sciences


to the Department of

Biomedical Sciences

at Iowa State University




Our Department is located in the College of Veterinary Medicine. We take special pride in this unique history and  the prominent role our college has played in establishing Iowa State as one of the foremost land grant institutions in the U.S.  




Areas of research conducted by the Department include:

Fundamental neuroscience Cell biology
Neurotoxicology Nutrition
Immunology Development and mechanisms of learning and memory
Vaccine development Auditory processing
Infectious diseases Aquatic biology



More information on specific research can be found on the BMS faculty websites. 


 The Biomedical Sciences Department's focus encompasses three areas:  

  • Teaching of the basic science curriculum to veterinary medical students
  • Conducting state-of-the-art research that is relevant to the health of animals and humans
  • Educating graduate students. Graduate education programs include the BMS graduate program as well as a number of multidisciplinary interdepartmental programs within the University including toxicology, neuroscience, molecular biology, genetics, and immunobiology.