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Equine Option

**Equine option students, VCS 457 and 464 each must be taken at least once.  One of the courses satisfies the overall required block requirement, the other satisfies the equine option requirement.

Farrier Services


Farrier Services 

Doug Russo, CJF, AAPF, joined the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center staff in October.




Trip Dates

Session 1: June 20-July 3, Block 7-8

Session 2: July 18-31, Block 11-12

Session 3: August 1-14, Block 13-14


Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences. Our department focuses on the clinical aspects of issues dealing with companion animals and horses. There are over 44 veterinarians in this department, with appointments ranging from intern to full professor.

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