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Center for Advanced Host Defense Immunobiotics and Translational Comparative Medicine (CAHDIT)


The CAHDIT Mission Statement
The overall mission of the center is to perform basic research of host defenses and host-pathogen interactions to advance the broad new field of Deceptive Imprinting with the outcomes of these efforts being development, and commercialization of novel vaccine immunobiotics and detection assays. The results of this research will create cost-effective interventions for both human and animal diseases (e.g. infections, auto-immune,
neoplastic, metabolic, reproductive, etc.) of local, state, national, and global importance.
There are three missions within the center that will support the “One Health” concept. The “One Health” concept is based on improving the global health of all species (human and animal) through collaboration and integrated research efforts of human medicine and veterinary medicine. 
These are:
  •     Basic and Discovery Research (aimed at prevention and/or early treatment)
  •     Translational Comparative Medicine
  •     Education
The center will address all aspects of endemic emerging infectious diseases including zoonoses, bioterror agents, and drug resistant microbes affecting humans and animals. The center will also provide an organizational structure to promote collaboration between the newly organized Iowa Research Alliance consisting of Iowa State University, and other collaborative institutions (USDA, CDC, Iowa State Public Health, University of Iowa, private industry, philanthropic organizations, and global partners, etc.). This collaborative effort will promote more sustainable human and animal healthcare practice, and promote improved and novel methods of disease prevention, risk reduction, and reduced impact of diseases.