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Health Assurance Testing

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The ISU VDL Health Assurance Testing Service (HATS) has recently been established to focus on real-time health monitoring for the most progressive commercial producers and seed stock producers.  High throughput molecular diagnostic tools have become essential to monitor the health of the infectious disease status of boar studs, swine breeding herd pyramids and downstream production flows.

The HATS program offers:

  • Same day testing and reporting for PRRSV by real-time RT-PCR with additional techniques being considered.
  • Testing performed Sunday through Friday.
  • 2 shifts of operation by highly qualified technical staff with “same day” or “same night” results reporting.
  • Requirement for pre-arranged scheduling to ensure adequate resources and maximum attention to sample testing.
  • Testing of assumed negative specimens. 
  • Minimum exposure of testing area to the PRRS virus.  The unit does not knowingly accept PRRSV positive samples, and testing is performed in a facility physically removed from the routine PRRSV testing laboratory, minimizing the opportunity for cross-contamination from positive samples and subsequent false positive results.
  • Extensive follow-up testing for any samples yielding suspect results.
  • Efficient transfer of samples to other ISU VDL lab sections for serological and sequencing services if requested.

Please call Dr. Karen Harmon at 515-294-1950 for more information.


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