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The VDL Pathology Section offers necropsy services, gross examination and histopathological evaluation (histochemistry, and immunohistochemistry ) of tissue samples.

Telephone consultation with a VDL pathologist prior to submission may be useful and is particularly encouraged if a case is complex or the diagnostic investigation is an ongoing series of submissions. Please call the laboratory (515-294-1950) and talk to one of the diagnostic pathologists at any time if you have questions concerning specimen selection or preservation.

Research submissions
The VDL Pathology section offers it services for research submissions as well. These cases will be assessed the same fees for slide preparation as a regular diagnostic case submission. Fees for slide evaluation, interpretation and lesion scoring will be assessed based on the time required and the complexity of the research protocol. Please contact the lab prior to any research submission to discuss coordination of sample delivery, estimated fees, and deliverables desired

Faculty and Staff

  • Dr. Darin Madson, Section Leader
  • Dr. Paulo Arruda
  • Dr. Eric Burrough
  • Dr. V. L. Cooper
  • Dr. Rachel Derscheid
  • Dr. Phil Gauger
  • Dr. Drew Magstadt
  • Dr. Tanja Opriessnig
  • Dr. Pablo Piñeyro
  • Dr. Kent Schwartz
  • Dr. Greg Stevenson
  • Dr. Bailey Wilberts
  • Katie Baber
  • Rosie Branaman
  • Dawn Fenneman
  • Victoria Green
  • Jenny Groeltz-Thrush
  • Michelle Grabosch
  • Scott Kostohryz
  • Franco Matias Ferreyra
  • Linda Smith
  • Jerry Snyder
  • Bonnie Snovelle
  • Jessica Heyer
  • Jessica Tuttle
  • Nicole Van Sickle
  • Aisha Azher
  • Kimberly Hunter

Dr. Pablo Piñeyro Joins VDL

Dr. Piñeyro obtained his DVM in 1999 from the Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias, Universidad Nacional de la Plata in Buenos Aries, Argentina. He spent several years in private practice working with food animals in Argentina, and returned to the Universidad Nacional de la Plata where he worked in the food animal diagnostic laboratory and field investigation unit while completing a Doctorate in Veterinary Science (swine influenza). Dr. Piñeyro came to the U.S. and earned a Master of Veterinary Science degree (Vibrio parahaemolyticus) in 2010 while working in the VDL at Washington State University. He then went on to complete a Pathology Residency program and will soon earn a PhD degree (molecular virology and immunology of PCV and PRRSV) from Virginia Tech.

Dr. Piñeyro’s experience working with food animals in private practice, his extensive training in diagnostic pathology and molecular microbiology and immunology, and his passion for continuing his career in a swine focused veterinary diagnostic laboratory will make him a great addition to the ISU VDL team.

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