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ISU qPCR Consultation Service: contact eag@iastate.edu

ISU Consultation Service for qPCR Assay Development and Project Management. In person and on-line consultation for comprehensive qPCR theory and assay design assistance from beginning to end. All steps   discussed and/or printed out as easy-to-follow recipes for immediate in-lab use. Get it right the first time.
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General Services offered:

  • Basic information/qPCR theory and math
  • Primer-probe design assistance (Example primer dilution help file as part of this service)
  • Identifying appropriate reagents, master mixes and machine platforms for One-
    and Two-Step qPCR, including LCM-qPCR
  • MIQE-based RNA isolation, DNAse treatment and reverse transcription reaction
    formulation suggestions and guidance
  • Nucleic acid quality assessment and quantity measurement suggestions and guidance
  • Processing of global assay parameters using ISURF software #03407
    (Click here to view assorted screen shots of the program)
  • Consultation on detecting and avoiding RT and PCR inhibition for all sample types
    and isolation methods
  • File system creation and initial qPCR Test Plate set-up printouts and consultation
  • Processing of Test Plate results into final set-up parameters and procedural printouts
    for final sample qPCR
  • Excel spreadsheets custom-created for EAMP-corrected data analysis and graphing
  • All plant and animal species considered
  • Note:  due to the time-intensity and detailed nature of quality qPCR execution, urgent
    projects (those which are requested to be carried out under very tight deadlines) will
    carry heavier consultation charges than projects of 'normal' urgency

For service by appointment contact:

Jack M. Gallup, Assistant Scientist III

2736 College of Veterinary Medicine
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa 50011-1250
Phone: 515-294-5844
Email: eag@iastate.edu


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qPCR service at the DNA Facility of the Iowa State University Office of Biotechnology

Fees for ISU qPCR Consultation Service

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