Red RiverAnimal Emergency Clinic

The Red River Animal Emergency Clinic is a regional small animal referral clinic staffed with a highly trained and skilled staff of DVM's, Licensed Veterinary Technicians, Veterinary Technician Assistants, and Receptionists, most of whom have been here for over 4 years. We operate to support all the day clinics in the region being open evenings, weekends and holidays. Our clinic is equipped with a complete new Idexx Suite giving us excellent diagnostic capabilities including CBC's, electrolytes, and chemistries. We also have new Idexx digital radiography equipment, a complete ICU system, and ultrasound. Canine and Feline blood products are kept in stock including fresh frozen plasma, Packed red blood cells, and whole blood.
Contact Person: 
Bill Walker
+1 (701) 306-3771
Fargo, ND
1401 Oak Manor Avenue South
58103 Fargo, ND
United States
+1 (701) 478-9298