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Trip Dates

Session 1: June 20-July 3, Block 7-8

Session 2: July 18-31, Block 11-12

Session 3: August 1-14, Block 13-14


Tentative Itinerary




Approximate Costs*:

Program Costs**:  $5500

50% tuition + fees: $1100***

*Please Note:  All costs are estimated and could change based on airfare, currency conversion rates and increases in tuition and fees.  The College of Veterinary Medicine is able to provide a 50% tuition reimbursement to VM2 and VM3 students and VM4 students do not pay any additional tuition for study abroad.

**Program Costs include all lodging, meals, airfare, entrance fees, and incidentals.

***Please note that non-residents going on more than one trip per summer will pay non-resident tuition rates but will receive the 50% tuition reimbursement on that amount.