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United Kingdom


Dates of Program:  May 5 (or 6) - May 19 (or 20), 2012
Program Description: The program is designed to explore how views on animal welfare have changed over time, what (or who) are the driving forces behind changes in how farm animals are cared for, how producer and consumer attitudes toward the care of farm animals have changed over time, the effect of these changes on producer profits and consumer food prices, and how animal welfare is assured through codes, assessments, audits and legislation. Primary emphasis will be on food animals:  beef, dairy, poultry, sheep and swine.  Students will have time to pursue cultural opportunities in Edinburgh and London.
Tentative Itinerary:
        Fri       May 4    depart for Glasgow, Scotland                                    Glasgow
        Sat      May 5    arrive Glasgow, Scotland                                          Glasgow
        Sun    May 6    cultural opportunities in Glasgow                               Glasgow
        Mon  May 7    visit a sheep farm & Loch Lomond                               Edinburgh
        Tue    May 8    SAC & Edinburgh Castle                                             Edinburgh
        Wed  May 9    SAC & laying hen poultry farm                                     Liverpool
        Thur   May 10 cultural opportunities & travel                                     Carmarthen (or somewhere in Wales)
        Fri       May 11 raptor center                                                               Bristol
        Sat      May 12 cultural opportunities in Bristol/Bath area                   Bristol
        Sun    May 13 cultural opportunities                                                   Bristol
        Mon  May 14 Univ. of Bristol & Stonehedge                                        Southampton (tentative
        Tue    May 15 RSPCA                                                                          Horsham
        Wed  May 16 Freedom Foods farm visits                                           Hertfordshire
        Thur   May 17 HAS                                                                              London
        Fri       May 18 M&S, WISPA                                                                London
        Sat      May 19 cultural opportunities                                                  London
        Sun    May 20 depart for US


Selection Criteria: Undergraduates must have sophomore standing at the time of application. Minimum GPA of 2.5.
Program Fee: estimated at $2,699.58 (includes lodging, some meals, entrance fees, in-country transportation).  Does NOT include RT airfare (estimated:  $800-$1400) or most meals (estimated:  $500).
Other Fees - 1) $10 program application fee to the Ag Study Abroad office; 2) $105 study abroad administrative fee charged by Study Abroad Center
Out of Pocket Personal Cost - 1) passport which costs $130 if you don't already have one; 2) ISIC (International Student ID Card) which costs $26; 3) health insurance if you are not covered on your existing policy; and 4) immunizations (varies based on where you go). Of course, there are also other personal costs, such as incidentals, souvenirs, etc.
Program fee, and the $105 administrative fee will be applied directly to your U-bill in May 2012.