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Racing Chemistry

  Racing Chemistry

About Racing Services Forms Facilities

"Protecting animal health by effective testing and research
through laboratory excellence"

  • Professional pari-mutuel drug testing services since January 1986
  • ISU Racing Chemistry provides the combination of testing, research and service that meets and exceeds the expectations and requirements of our clients
  • Nationally and internationally known for:
    • Commitment to drug detection and confirmation
    • Research into current analytes of interest and other areas of concern to the canine and equine pari-mutuel industry
  • All aspects of pari-mutuel drug testing
    • Standardbred, thoroughbred and quarter horse events
    • Greyhounds
  • Other non-pari-mutuel animal events
    • Show events
    • Pre-purchase testing
    • Equine sales
    • Livestock competitions 
  • Research programs
    • IDTA-Interstate Drug Testing Alliance, for equine
    • ITTP-International Inter-laboratory Testing Program, for canine
    • Custom administrations

Pharmacology Analytical Support Team (PhAST)
1600 S 16th St, Ames, IA  50011