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Comparative Pathology Core Service

The CPC is dedicated to providing collaborative expertise in the use and interpretation of animal models of human and animal disease. The veterinary pathologists in the CPC provide pathology services including gross and microscopic tissue examination, clinical pathology evaluation/interpretation, histomorphometric analysis, and support for grant applications. In addition, the core can develop and implement ancillary techniques which include immunohistochemical methods, special imaging (fluorescence microscopy, morphometric analysis), flow cytometry, laser capture microdissection, and photomicroscopy. CPC costs are based on histopathology lab services and pathologists' effort. Pathologist effort will vary based on the needs of the project and more detailed information can be provided by contacting the CPC.



How veterinary pathologists can support your research

  • Veterinary pathologists are trained specifically in interpretation of animal models of human/animal disease. Their collaboration can strengthen extramural (NIH, NSF, USDA) grant submissions and provide additional information from tissues that might otherwise not be evaluated.
  • Veterinary pathologists can help you select and implement the appropriate techniques for identifying, harvesting, processing, analyzing and interpreting changes in animal tissues.
  • Veterinary pathologists will accurately identify lesions and cellular changes that are critical to the in vivo studies of a project.
  • Veterinary pathologists understand limitations and background changes that are present in each animal species and will ensure accurate data collection and interpretation.
  • Veterinary pathologists can aid in selection of appropriate, species-specific biochemical and hematologic tests with interpretation of results.

Note: If any of the data derived from testing will be submitted for safety or efficacy to FDA, CVB, EPA, NCI or another federal agency, you are required to notify us of the agency and present the applicable regulations to our laboratory.


Contact information

Please contact the CPC if you have any questions regarding this service or how it could benefit your current or future projects.

Comparative Pathology Core Service Director

Jesse M. Hostetter, DVM, PhD, DACVP
2720 Veterinary Medicine