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Scholars, Mentors, and Mentor abstracts

Participating faculty mentors submit proposal abstracts in January each year for potential summer scholar projects.

Mentors are expected to:

  • encourage students to attend seminars, journal clubs and program activities
  • encourage students to publish/present posters at meetings
  • provide lab/research facilities
  • have an active, ongoing research project

Mentors for Iowa State's Veterinary Scholars Research Program include two members of the prestigious National Academy of Sciences. In addition to faculty from the College of Veterinary Medicine, some of the participating mentors are collaborators from the USDA National Animal Disease Center. Additional mentors come from other academic departments within ISU. These highly motivated researchers and teachers hold dozens of patents for their discoveries and innovative techniques.

Areas of research emphasis include:

Cellular and Molecular Pathology, Clinical Medicine, Immunology and Immunopathology, Molecular Genetics and Biology, Neurosciences, Pathogenesis of Diseases, Animal Welfare, and Veterinary Medical Education.


2013 Scholars and Mentors


Scholar Mentor Department Project Title
Charlie Bahnson Dr. Bradley Blitvich VMPM Seroprevalence of Orthobunyaviruses
in the United States Sheep Population
Erin Bradley Dr. Rodrigo Franco UNL Effect of Environmental Toxicity/Oxidative
Stress on the Ubiquitin-Proteasome System
and its Association with Neurodegenerative
Weston Brown Dr. Heather Flaherty VPATH Establish Reference Interval for
Voided Urine Samples in healthy
adult alpacas
Courtney Daum Dr. F. Chris Minion VMPM Serological Responses to
Mycoplasma hypopneumoniae
surface proteins
Anne Fischer Dr. Rodney Moxley UNL Effect of Background Flora on
Detection of Non-O157 STEC on
Chromogenic Agar Media
Carolyn Geis Dr. Lisa Nolan VMPM Impact of Poultry Practices on 
  Dr. Catherine Logue VMPM Emergence of Plasmid-Bearing
E. coli
Joshua Hillesheim Dr. Gregory Phillips VMPM Unraveling Host-Microbial
Interactions Using a Simplified
Microbiota in Gnotobiotic Mice
Sara Hofer Dr. June Olds VCS Health Screening of Red-necked
  Dr. Kristina Miles VCS Wallabies (Macropus rufogriseus)
Using Multidetector Computed Tomography
Kayce Kobs Dr. Nancy Cornick VMPM Age related changes in the
intestinal microbiome protect
neonatal piglets from Clostridium
Dinaz Lahewala Dr. Diana Peterson BMS Anatomical Protection after
Traumatic Brain Injury
Melissa Lind Dr. M. Heather Greenlee BMS Retinal pathology and neural death
associated with the progression of
transmissible spongiform
Anthony Lisankis Dr. Amanda Fales-Williams VPATH Comparison of reported prognostic data
to actual survival times for soft tissue
sarcomas in dogs
Sarah Lord Dr. Catherine Logue VMPM Molecular Tools to Type MRSA ST398
of Pigs
Akshaya Maller Dr. Karl Kraus VCS Effect of Locking Plate Configurations 
on Strength and Stiffness of
Lumbosacral Stabilization Procedures
Stefani Mark Dr. Greg Somerville UNL Linking metabolism to virulence
determinant biosynthesis in Staphylococcus 
Kelly Pertzborn Dr. Johann "Hans" Coetzee VDPAM Translatational Analgesia Technology
for the Improvement of Piglet
Welfare During Processing 
Lauren Pudenz Dr. N. Matthew Ellinwood Animal Science Large Animal Cognition as a Preclinical
Measure in Metabolic and Neuropathic
Disorders: Challenges and Potential
Ann Schneider Dr. Jennifer Schleining VDPAM Antimicrobial Efficacy of a Solution Containing
  Dr. Paul Plummer   Citrate Ion and Isopropyl Alcohol as a
Preoperative Preparation in Cattle Under
Field Conditions
Jillian Sweet Dr. Claudia Baldwin VCS Correlation of weight loss, previous 
ownership and upper respiratory infection
in cats at animal shelters
Joseph Thomas Dr. Jianqiang Zhang VDPAM Application of Equine and Porcine Chimeric
Arteriviruses to Determine the Porcine
Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome
Virus Proteins Responsible for the Host
Range and Induction of Protective Immunity 
June Tyler Dr. Claudia Baldwin VCS Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Parasites in Cats
in the Midwestern United States
Robin White Dr. Albert Jergens VCS The microbiologic effects of probiotics for 
treatment of canine IBD


Iowa State University:

College of Veterinary Medicine:
BMS: Biomedical Sciences
VCS: Veterinary Clinical Sciences
VDPAM: Veterinary Diagnostic & Production Animal Medicine
VMPM: Veterinary Microbiology & Preventative Medicine
VPATH: Veterinary Pathology

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences:
Department of Animal Science


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