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2002 Summer Scholars

Name: Rachel Allbaugh
Mentor:  Drs. Sinisa Grozdanic and Ioana Sonea
Project Title:  Characterization of the pupil light reflex, electroretinogram and tonometric parameters in healthy rat eyes

Name: Teresa Burns
Mentors:  Drs. Richard Martin and Alan Robertson
Project Title:  Heterogeneity of anthelmintic nicotinic receptors in parasitic nematodes

Name: James Eucher
Mentor:  Dr. Heather Greenlee
Project Title:  Characterization of Rat Hippocampal Stem Cells:  Therapeutic Potential for theTreatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

Name: Katherine Gibson
Mentor:  Dr. Doug Jones
Project Title: The influence of Leishmania amazonensis and Leishmania major infected dendritic cells on the CD4+ T cell phenotype after in vitro activation

Name:  Ta-Ying Debra Liu
Mentor:  Dr. Srdija Jeftinija
Project Title: Astrocytes regulate neuronal NMDA response

Name: Jill Narak
Mentor:  Dr. Mary Ann Nieves
Project Title:  A comparison of inflammatory response and radiographical change
 in canine osteosarcoma tumors

Name: John Shepherd
Mentor:  Dr. Ioana Sonea
Project Title:  Immunohistochemical evaluation of cecal innervation to the
 lumbosacral spinal cord and brainstem: a murine model

Name: Colette Wegenast
Mentor:  Dr. Tim Day
Project Title: Analysis of nematode neuropeptide gene function

Name: Cody Alcott
Mentor:  Dr. Jesse Hostetter
Project Title:  Identifying phagosomal pH alterations within Mycobacterium aviumsubspecies paratuberculosis infected macrophages

Name: Chris Clark
Mentor:  Dr. Nancy Cornick
Project Title: Role of enterotoxins in pathogenesis of edema disease

Name: Jennifer Dykstra
Mentor:  Dr. Don Beitz
Project Title: Physiological and biochemical mechanisms by which glucagons prevents bovine fatty liver

Name: Elise Gingrich
Mentors:  Drs. Frank Simutis and Doug Jones
Project Title: Natural killer cells responses during Mycobacterium avium
subsp. paratuberculosis infection

Name: David Marancik
Mentor:  Dr. Jim Harp
Project Title:In vitro comparison of bovine blood and milk lymphocyte adherence to high endothelial venules in lymph nodes of murine origin

Name: Marshall Tyson
Mentors:  Drs. Justin Greenlee and Claire Andreasen
Project Title: Decreased platelet numbers accompanied by gross lesions 
and other clinicopathologic abnormalities in Guinea pig model of leptospirosis

Name: Lisa Wood
Mentor:  Dr. Kelly Lager
Project Title: Rapid detection of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus using an RT-PCR assay