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2009 Summer Scholars

  Name: Ethan Abrams
Mentor: Eric Rowe
Project Title: Effects of Echinacea purpurea extracts on primary astrocyte cultures
  Name: Lora Anastasova
Mentor: Dušan Palic
Project Title: Toxic effect of C60(OH)24 and TiO2 on the Neutrophils of Fathead Minnow (Pimephales promelas Rafinesque, 1820)
  Name: Ellen Bell
Mentor: Gregory Phillips
Project Title: Understanding the Roles of Methionine Sulfoxide Reductases in Oxidative Stress Survival in Escherichia coli
  Name: Marie Bockenstedt
Mentor: Douglas Jones
Project Title: Development of an in vivo diagnostic for Johne’s disease using a microELISA chip printed with IFN-? capture antibodies
  Name: Matt Brewer
Mentor: Steve Carlson
Project Title: Assessment and Mitigation of Salmonella Hypervirulence Mediated by Rumen Protozoa
  Name: Danelle Carley
Mentor: Peter Nara
Project Title: Evaluation of the PRRSV Antibody Response Following Vaccination with a Proprietary Autogenous Vaccine
  Name: Kevin Christman
Mentor: Brett Sponseller
Project Title: Cytokine Milieu Impacts Production of Peroxynitrite in Equine Monocyte-Derived Macrophages
  Name: Kevin DiVerde
Mentor: Michael Yaeger
Project Title: Expression of Toll-Like Receptors 2 and 4 in Subplacental Trophoblasts from Guinea Pigs Infected with Campylobacter jejuni
  Name: Rungano Dzikamunhenga
Mentor: Lisa Nolan
Project Title: Molecular Cloning and Expression of a Novel Trimeric Autotransporter Found in Avian Pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC)
  Name: Tamara Hancock
Mentor: Holly Bender
Project Title: Investigation and assessment of Diagnostic Pathfinder current users and identification of additional features for enhanced outcomes
  Name: Jaclyn Klopfenstein
Mentor: Sinisa Grozdanic
Project Title: Neuroprotective Treatment for Compressive Optic Neuropathy
  Name: Brett Kroeze
Mentor: Locke Karriker
Project Title: Accuracy and Precision of Devices Assessing Core Body Temperature in Sows
  Name: Stephanie Larson
Mentor: Sinisa Grozdanic
Project Title: Characterization of Immunological Cells in ret-transgenic Mice Retinas as Auto-immune Retinopathy Translational Model
  Name: Nyssa Levy
Mentor: Erin Strait
Project Title: Detection of Mycoplasma suis by real-time PCR
  Name: Mark Madsen
Mentor: Christine Petersen
Project Title: Identification of possible insect vectors for transmission of Leishmania infantum, and identification of factors which predispose US Foxhound Dogs to visceral leishmaniasis
  Name: Drew Magstadt
Mentor: Justin Greenlee
Project Title: Early development of an antemortem skin test for Chronic Wasting Disease
  Name: Clay McGargill
Mentor: Locke Karriker
Project Title: A Pilot Study Testing the Feasibility of Injecting Joints in Sows
  Name: Naida Osborne
Mentor: Ricardo Rosenbusch
Project Title: Intranasal colonization and Tissue Dissemination of Mycoplasma bovis deletion mutant ?potABC
  Name: Heather Patterson
Mentor: Sinisa Grozdanic
Project Title: Intraocular Pressure Reducing Drug Effects on Early Structural and Functional Deficits in Glaucoma
  Name: Jordan Phillips
Mentor: Albert Jergens
Project Title: Vitamin B6 Assay Development and Comparison of Vitamin B6 Levels in Dogs with and without Calcium Oxalate Uroliths
  Name: Michael Rice
Mentor: Claudia Baldwin
Project Title: Management and Husbandry Practices in Animals Shelters and Correlation with FURDC
  Name: Cassandra Roe
Mentor: Erin Strait
Project Title: Optimization of sample collection and real-time PCR for ante-mortem detection of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae
  Name: Josh Rosenbaum
Mentor: Claudia Baldwin
Project Title: Risk Factors for Canine Kennel Cough Complex in Animal Shelters
  Name: Brittany Seiler
Mentor: Bradley Blitvich
Project Title: Seroprevalence of influenza A virus in domestic animals in Iowa
  Name: Morgan Siegrist
Mentor: Locke Karriker
Project Title: Streptococcus suis Case-Control Study in Nursery Pigs
  Name: Micah Taylor
Mentor: Derald Holtkamp
Project Title: Inter-Observer Reliability of Lung Lesion Scores from Digital Images
  Name: Shawn Thomas
Mentor: Ravindra Singh
Project Title: Analysis of GC-rich sequences that regulate alternative splicing in spinal muscular atrophy
  Name: Kristyn Van Donselaar
Mentor: Suzanne Millman
Project Title: Pressure algometry:A novel method for assessing pain sensitivity of dairy calves following cautery disbudding
  Name: Bailey Wilberts
Mentor: Ronald Griffith
Project Title: Safety of Lasalocid in Chinese Ring-Necked Pheasants
  Name: Amanda Young
Mentor: Scott McVey (UNL)
Project Title: Identification of Moraxella bovoculi by polymerase chain reaction coupled with a restriction enzyme digestion and the biochemical comparison with Moraxella ovis