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BoscoThank you for the letters we recently received. This is the perfect way to pay tribute to Bosco. If more people thought about their pets the way we do this world would be a much better place.

Bosco came into our lives in December. We had endless discussions about wanting to get a dog and since Tom had grown up with the breed we settled on a miniature schnauzer. Tom brought her home about two weeks before Christmas as a surprise. It didn't take long for her to become a major part of our lives. She certainly had the ability to have us "wrapped around her paw".

Bosco would come up with games on her own to keep her busy. Her favorite pastime was playing ball. It didn't matter what size - as long as she had a ball to play with she was happy. Her ultimate favorite was a blue ball the size of a tennis ball with a bell in it. She had several of them in her lifetime, and the only way we could get her to part with them would be if the ball was breaking in half and the bell fell out of it. If she was not chasing after it she would have the ball in between her paws, always ready to play. She loved it so much that she and "Mom" would vacuum the house together and came up with a game. When "Mom" took out the vacuum cleaner Bosco would get the ball and drop it near the floor attachment. Because she did this endlessly, "Mom" decided to come up with the idea that the ball could be pushed with the vacuum cleaner and Bosco would retrieve it. "Mom" got her housework done and Bosco was satisfied with another way to play ball (or so "Mom" thought.)

The fact that Bosco is not physically here makes "Mom" very sad, but she will always be around in spirit. We were deeply touched that her Veterinarian took the time to send a donation in her memory.

"Mom" still talks about Bosco as though she were here. She gave "Mom" so much love, happiness, and joy that "Mom" hopes she gave half of what she received while they were together for 15 1/2 years.

Dianne and Thomas, Groton, CT
In memory of their minature schnauzer, Bosco.

Bosco was cared for by Dr. J. Todd Minor, DVM '84 (ISU), at the Groton-Ledyard Veterinary Hospital in Ledyard, CT.