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Aqua Therapy

Aqua therapy such as swimming or working in the underwater treadmill is ideal for many patients, especially those who are challenged with normal movement. Water-based therapies allow the patient to work in a lower or no impact environment because of buoyancy. Resistance from the water helps to strengthen muscle mass and improve cardiovascular fitness. The warm water increases circulation to muscles, increases joint flexibility and decreases pain.  

The newest addition to our aquatic therapy regimen is Iowa's first underwater treadmill.  The underwater treadmill is a wonderful tool to exercise our patients that are learning to walk or for those that need a controlled, safe environment to start exercising following surgery or injury.

Our research thus far indicates that there is a significant decrease in recovery time using aqua therapy. Exercising in water has shown to be an excellent strategy for rehabilitation, building muscle mass, and maintaining range of motion. We have also found swimming to be a safe and effective weight loss strategy.


Appointments are scheduled through the small animal desk (515) 294-4900.